Perhaps you remember the movie title “Ship of Fools.” I was reminded of that phrase as I listened to the latest mess/scandal from The White House wherein lies the offices of the president of the United States of America and some of his top advisers. This venerable building has indeed become a House of Fools or the working place for a group of incompetent and arrogant people who appear neither knowledgeable of, nor understand the rule of law, democracy, and the workings of American government.

You only have to look at the long, long list of staff who have left employment (voluntary or involuntary resignation, quit, fired, etc.) with the current presidential administration. According to the last count, there have been over 51 departures up and down the presidential chain of staff: Chief of Staff, cabinet heads and assistants, leaders of major departments, U.S. attorneys, numerous State Department career ambassadors – the list goes on.

What really makes this White House a place of incompetency is the latest troubles with high level presidential staff who do not have security clearances. Having worked in G-2 or Army security, for a brief period, I am a little familiar with some of the ins and outs of obtaining security clearances. Also, I’m familiar with the security process as it applies to Department Of Justice – Bureau of Prisons employees.

From the beginning, I could not understand how anyone could work in the White House without a security clearance. How could employees with business ties to Russia, domestic abuse charges, financial problems work next to the president. The Bureau of Prisons would not let you near an inmate if you abused your spouse. DOJ policy indicated that such matters made employees and potential new hires vulnerable to blackmail or undue pressure for favors that would compromise an employee’s ability to do the job. How has this White House ship sailed so long, over a year, with such overt or potential violation of government law, ethics and rules?

My conclusion is rather than rock the “ship/house,” the keepers of the congressional branch (both Houses controlled by Republicans) have chosen to look the other way. They are choosing party over country. Many Congress (Republicans) members are jumping ship rather than trying to right the sails. They are not running for re-election.

The American people must stop the ship of government from running “aground” by showing up at the ballot box. We must take back our power and our government from this group of arrogant, above-the-law incumbents currently guiding our ship of state. By now it should be clear to the furthest corners of this country that something is wrong, something is amiss with Donald Trump (aka Colt #45), currently serving as president of the United States.

Vote the rascals out to right the ship of state.

Martha Jordan