In the Sunday, February 25, 2018 edition, the Daily Home published a letter signed by Harold Robinson of Talladega taking issue and disputing facts of a letter of mine to the editor published by the Daily Home.   

My letter was focused on the accurate facts relating to the congressional donations by the National Rifle Association (NRA). Mr. Robinson specifically referred to donations to Donald Trump when he was running for the presidential nomination. At no time did I address donations to Trump before he was president -- only to members of Congress. Obviously, Mr. Robinson did not read my letter carefully and jumped to wrong conclusions. Additionally, the letter writer also disputed the total NRA congressional donations since 1998. He alleges the total is in the range of $200 million. I am fully aware of this grossly exaggerated amount by liberals published online and even refuted by left wing media.

In my published editorials, I always cite my sources after careful research -- not always included by the Daily Home. In the subject letter, however, the Daily Home printed two of the four sources for my material: The New York Times and the Washington Post, Oct. 17, 2017. While these two mega newspapers are generally as liberal and left wing as one can get, in this instance, they relied and reported on actual documented facts taken from published annual financial statements of the NRA.  

These financial statements were also listed as one of my sources and are readily available on the internet. The NRA statements indicate they did not have the cash resources to have made the donations claimed.

I just want accurate facts stated.

James W. Anderson