Madison Wyatt

Madison Wyatt.

Madison Wyatt, 15, of Delta, is a tough competitor in the outdoors. She enjoys mountain and road bike racing along with running, camping and kayaking. Riding the mountain bike trails, she is in the woods and the road biking takes her along the back roads.

It was her dad who got Wyatt started in biking. He did road and mountain bike riding. Wyatt’s brother and older sister were also bikers. Wyatt said she didn’t just want to sit on the sidelines, she wanted to ride. Being outdoors she gets to see the area and get plenty of fresh air.

This is the second season for Wyatt to compete in mountain bike racing. Her mountain bike has a full suspension which she says helps smooth out the trails. On the road bike racing scene, she has competed in the Noble Street Festival and won her division every year through the sixth grade.

Recently Wyatt won the state championship mountain bike competition for sophomore girls at Oak Mountain State Park. She qualified for the state by winning four previous races. But, the state championship race almost escaped Wyatt.

Four days before the state event, Wyatt and her team were practicing on the Coldwater Mountain bike trail. She took a tumble off her bike and fractured her left shoulder. She didn’t know if she could ride until race day. Wyatt said the pain wasn’t too bad except when she hit a root.

Wyatt camps out with her family at most of the mountain bike races. She said she gets to spend time with her family and enjoy campfires, card games and the outdoors.

A dream trip for Wyatt would be to the Bahamas where she could hike and bike around to see the islands.

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