For this upcoming Wisconsin deer rifle season, many hunters have their rifle cleaned, their blaze orange coat and pants set aside, the woods scouted and deer stands selected.

NORTH CAROLINA — Two species of birds native to North Carolina were declared extinct by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in late September. The largest announcement of extinction in U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service history, the fate of the ivory-billed woodpecker and the Bachman’s warbler tell a larger story about the risks birds are facing in the High Country.

At the end of every deer season there is one thing that deer hunters hate to eat — a tag sandwich. Unfilled buck tags leave a bitter taste among deer hunters. However, with the extended deer season in Alabama, deer hunters have two more days to finish out their tags.

Calling deer is much different than calling turkeys, ducks or other wildlife. Deer will usually not answer the call, but rather respond to it. The response can be positive or negative, depending on the mood of the deer. Hunters would obviously like a positive response and the deer approachin…

With archery deer season underway many deer hunters will be using treestands in pursuit of the No. 1 game animal. Portable climbing and lock-on style stands along with ladder stands have been used for decades by deer hunters for a better vantage point when hunting deer with bow or gun.