When he was 4, Walker Hayes, now 17, of Anniston started tagging along on hunting trips with his dad and granddad. It was when Hayes was about 6 years old that he was allowed to carry a gun while hunting. The trio hunted deer almost every weekend.

Doing anything outdoors is what Brian Walker ,16, of Heflin enjoys. He likes spending time in the outdoors with his buddies. Walker started hunting with his dad when he was around 7 years old. He really liked hunting, and it was some quality time spent with his dad.

Any type of fishing is what Edward Gay, 51, of Morrison Crossroads enjoys in the outdoors. He said he has been fishing since he was a little kid. Gay said fishing and being outdoors eases his mind. It is peaceful and quiet.

Hunting and fishing are two of the top outdoor activities that Jarrod Bundrum, 30, of Jacksonville enjoys. He started hunting when he was about 4 years old, going squirrel hunting with his dad. Later on, the squirrel hunting evolved to deer hunting.

Like most folks, Joey Hollaway, 60, started hunting as a kid. However, it was his grandmother who taught him about hunting. When he was about 9 years old, his grandmother would take him squirrel hunting. They would carry her single-shot 20 gauge.

Back when he was around 7 years old, Clint Gallahar, now 29, of Choccolocco, would get off the school bus at his granddad’s house and would see the neighbor working with some dogs. The neighbor was Charlie Walker, and he would take Gallahar coon hunting. The old man and the young hunter woul…

As we turn the calendar page, a new year of opportunities await in the outdoors. In the coming weeks and months, anticipation abounds. Our hearts and minds are refreshed from the Christmas break. We contemplate what outdoor activities are on the horizon for 2017.

When he was about 8 years old, Daniel Freeman, 34, of Talladega started tagging along with his father in the outdoors. The pair hunted and fished together. Freeman learned about the outdoors and hunting and fishing. He started out hunting squirrels and later moved up to deer hunting.

Like most young hunters, Caleb Jewell, 17, of Lincoln learned about hunting, fishing and the outdoors from his dad. He started tagging along with his dad on a dove hunt when he was 5 years old. A year later Jewell was on his first deer hunt. Currently, he is a junior at Lincoln High School.

Donnie Maddox, 53, of Munford started hunting around the age of 12. His older brothers introduced him to hunting and the outdoors. He started out hunting with a BB gun and later moved up to a .410 single-barrel shotgun. His brothers bought the gun for him.

It’s that time of year we have waited 364 days to arrive again. Christmas. We celebrate the Christmas season by giving and receiving gifts. Presents bound with red and green paper and invisible tape to keep the gift concealed. Many will be used as intended. A few will probably collect dust i…

As soon as Jim Brown, 57, of Alexandria was big enough to walk, his granddad Russell Jones started taking him hunting and fishing. Brown said his granddad taught him everything he knows about hunting and fishing. Every type of game Jones caught or killed was used for food. He passed along th…