It appears this angler needs a new tackle to keep his lures and gear organized.

It’s that time of year again when gift givers attempt to make a list for the outdoor person in their life.

Gift givers can have a tough time trying to determine what item to purchase for their outdoor person. Outdoor folks can help by dropping a few hints or pointing the Christmas shopper in right direction. In some cases, the shopper may have to get creative to tag that special gift.

One tip I can offer shoppers to make certain the outdoor gift is practical. Camouflaged ties, wallets and underwear may be a little over the top. An advantage to gift shoppers is visiting a local outdoor store. The folks there can help select the right outdoor gift and answer any questions.

To help get the outdoor Christmas shopper get started, I have organized a list of gifts that most any outdoor person would enjoy. The list is composed by certain outdoor activities and those gifts directed for that outdoor function.

Deer hunters

Since deer season is in full swing here are a few gift ideas for the deer hunter on your list. A top-notch pair of boots can be just the ticket for your hunters. Brands like Browning, Danner, Rocky, LaCrosse and Muck are the boots for any serious hunter. Expect to pay from around $90 to $300 a pair depending the brand and style.

A new tree stand, climber or ladder model will be welcomed by any deer hunter. Summit, API and Muddy are some top names. Climber models are around $180 to $350. Ladder stand models can be found for $150 to 300. Along with a stand a new safety harness is a great idea. Hunter Safety Systems, Summit and Muddy all have great models ranging from $80 upwards to $200.

If your deer hunter would rather remain grounded, a pop-up blind is a great deal. New technology in current models allow for easy carry and simple set-up. Look for the hub style models ranging from around $90 to $400.

Deer hunters have a lot of gear to carry to the stand. A backpack is the deal to keep everything the hunter needs at hand. Various brands and styles can be found from about $50 to more than $200 for the tactical models. Along the same line a camo duffle bag for the hunter to carry extra clothes on an overnight trip or heavy outer wear to the stand. Depending on the size a good duffle tote style bag is around $30 to $75 bucks.

Knives are an import tool for the outdoor person and especially for deer hunters. Gerber, Outdoor Edge, Buck and SOG are quality brands. There are various models from fixed blade to folding lock-blades. There are also special skinning and deboning models as well. Don’t skimp here. Prices range from around $50 to $200.

Turkey hunters

Every turkey hunter needs a quality hunting vest design especially for going after gobblers. These vests have pockets and places for various calls, strikers, shells, gloves, face masks and other gear. Top brands are Mossy Oak, Ol’-Man, Tenzing and Drake. Look to pay around $100 to $160.

Turkey hunters can always use some new calls. Box calls, friction, tube yelpers and mouth diaphragms all have their place in a hunter’s calling arsenal. Mouth calls begin around $6 and friction and box calls can be found from $40 to over $100. Look for top brands like Wood Haven, Camp Callers, Primos and Lynch.

A spring shower can put a damper on a turkey hunt. A quality, camouflage rain suit will be welcomed by your turkey hunter. Look for a Gore-Tex fabric model. Two-piece suits range from around $80 to $200. A poncho is also a good idea and can be had for around $30.

Duck hunters

A good pair of waders is a necessity for almost any waterfowl hunter. There are both insulated and non-insulted models. Of course, a camouflage pattern in Mossy Oak or Real Tree are the most popular. Expect to pay from around $150 to over $400 for a top-of-the-line pair.

To accompany the waders and quality duck hunting parka is a good idea. Look for an insulated model with plenty of pockets and a hood. Top brands will run from around $150 to over $400.

Decoy bags are another great gift idea for waterfowlers. Mesh and solid models are available in different sizes. Prices range from around $30 to $80. A duck hunter can never have too many calls. And, there are a multitude of different ducks calls available for every type of duck in the world. Top brands to seek out are Duck Commander, Zink, Primos and Buck Gardner.

Upland game hunters

Small game hunters will be expecting some gifts under their tree this Christmas. A new hunting vest is a good bet for rabbit, squirrel or quail hunters. Browning and Drake are top brands. Look for models with large shell pockets and a leak-proof game pouch. Good vests run from around $75 to $150.

Squirrel hunters will appreciate a new.22 rifle. Ruger, Browning and Remington all make top models. Don’t forget to include a well-made scope. A package deal can be found for around $300 to $500. Rabbit and quail hunters will enjoy a new shotgun. Over/under models like Browning, Benelli, and Mossberg over differ styles and models with prices ranging from $700 to over $2,000.

Bass anglers

For bass anglers there is a plethora of gear available. Most bass anglers can use another rod and reel combo. Baitcasters and spinning rig combos come in various sizes and styles. Look for rods that are specialized for specific fishing techniques like, drop shot topwater worm, etc. These types of combos have the reel matched to the rod.

Top brands are Quantum, ABU Garcia, LEWS and Daiwa. Depending on type and model prices can range from around $99 to $399.

To haul all of the lures to the lake and special fishing trips anglers will need a tackle bag. Models with interchangeable hard -plastic boxes are the ticket to organizing lures, baits and other tackle. The boxes can be changed out to allow the angler to carry only the lures needed for the trip.

Plano and Frabill are top brands in the tackle bag area. They offer many different models and styles ranging from $49 to $199.

Some bass anglers will welcome a new sonar/GPS fish locator. New models offer excellent screen detail along with updated lake maps. Shoppers will want to pay a little more and lean to the larger screen sizes above at nine inches and above. Look for brands like Lowrance, Humminbird and Garmin. Units start around $599 and up.

Campers and hikers

A new tent or sleeping bag may be on your list for campers. It is difficult to beat a Coleman brand tent or sleeping bag. On tents make sure a rainfly is included along with heavy-duty zippers. Prices start around $99 and go up depending on the size. Sleeping bags should be extra wide and built for the weather expected. Quality bags can start around $80 t0 $150 bucks.

Hikers will enjoy a new pair of boots designed for rugged terrain. Look for boots with good traction on the soles and padding around ankles and top. Both leather or synthetic materials will offer great performance. Some top brands include Under Armour, Keen and Wolverine from around $100 to $300.

Every outdoor enthusiast

There any many items that can perform double or even triple duty in the outdoors. Quality, high lumen flashlights can be used by hunters, hikers, campers and anglers. These folks can always use an extra light. Coolers are another item every outdoor person can use. There are many different styles and models meet the requirements in any outdoor activity.

Look for top brands like Yeti, Pelican, Coleman, Igloo and Engel are some of the better brands. Prices start around $75 to over $400 depending on the model.

Outdoor folks love to eat and with the game and fish back at camp some type of cooker is required. Portable gas stoves and cookers work great. There are also grills and griddles that easily pack along. Around the home a gas fired fish cooker or smoker can prepare a meal for the entire family. Prices start around $39 and continue to over $500.

Year-round gifts

A gift that continues throughout the year is a membership to outdoor organizations. Many of the organizations work to promote conservation and helping wildlife.

The National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Buckmasters, Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society and Fishing League Worldwide each have memberships that include a magazine, various discounts and relevant information.

Another gift to consider is a lifetime hunting and/or fishing license. The fee is based on the age of the recipient and is a great value for young hunters and anglers.

Charles Johnson is the Star’s outdoor editor. You can reach Charles at charjohn@cableone.net.