Northeast Regional teaser

A good size crowd takes in a game during the Northeast Regional high school basketball tournament at Pete Mathews Coliseum on the campus Jacksonville State University.

Photo by Trent Penny/The Anniston Star

If a referee at the Northeast Regional basketball tournament acts as if he wants to be the show and not let the players play, who can blame him?

If the reaction of fans means anything, those officials are the show. Why wouldn’t he think he’s the reason at least a few of these people bought a ticket?

It seems as if fans spend more time yelling at the guys in stripes than they do cheering for their own teams.

Some of it is honest frustration, of course. A fan sees the officials back home call certain things, but at regionals, they see something different.

Yes, that is pretty frustrating when you really want your team to win.

But the average official at regionals knows the rules. He knows what traveling is, despite what fans in the stands may think. He does his best to call a fair game.

They make mistakes. They misinterpret rules sometimes. But it’s hard to figure it’s vindictive against a certain team, coach or player.

And think about it — what would an official gain by intentionally throwing a high school basketball game? Would anybody truly be that petty?

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