Plenty of family came to see Wellborn's Elizabeth Wyatt (seated, with red hair) sign with Southern Union Community College's volleyball program

Mark Edwards/The Anniston Star

For those of us who report the news, National Signing Day is plenty of fun. It’s not just the major college football team rankings, but the local high school seniors who are signing scholarships to less prominent schools or less prominent sports.

It’s fun to see them have their moment at a signing party, usually in some place like the school gym or library. It’s fun to see their teammates or even the rest of the student body turn out to witness it.

It’s fun to see the decorations, and all the friends and family members taking pictures.

It’s fun to see their parents show up to see these athletes sign their scholarship papers. Or even a blank piece of paper. At more a few of these scholarship “signings,” the athlete is writing on a meaningless sheet of paper. The real papers are signed earlier and already on their way to wherever they need to go.

For anyone who dumps on moments like this, admit that you’d do the same if you were in the same position. I know I would. On Wednesday, I saw a volleyball player walk into the gym with a favorite song playing. Heck, if it were me, I’d have added a spotlight. And a live band. And Michael Buffer (the “Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumbbbblllle!!!” guy) would’ve been there yelling, “Let’s get ready to siiiignnnnn!!!”

A local football player’s family all wore his new school’s colors. If it were me, my whole high school would’ve done that. Including the teachers. And the principal. Especially him.

The volleyball player had cake at her reception — cake! cake! — but I would’ve wanted 10 cakes. No, 20. Or 30. We would’ve been gorging on cake all day.

Why not? How often do you get a chance like this?

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