Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton (2) had 25 points for Alabama. Photo by Robert Sutton

Collin Sexton's pitch didn't work.

On the night the Cleveland Cavaliers picked the former Alabama star, Sexton tried to convince LeBron James to stay with the team and go for another NBA championship.

“I see you need that one extra piece this past season,” Sexton told ESPN. “Let's do it. Let's go back to the finals. Let's do it.”

Or let’s not.

James decided to go to the Los Angeles Lakers, leaving Sexton to hold the bag.

But for Sexton, that’s hardly a bad thing. That bag he’s holding? It has an awful lot of money in it. He recently signed a contract with the Cavaliers that could run four years and be worth $20.2 million. Rookie contracts are guaranteed for the first two years, and the team has the option of keeping Sexton for two more.

Four years is a long enough for Sexton to entrench himself in the NBA and prove he can be one of the league’s top point guards, but it's short enough that when it’s done, he’ll still be in his prime. Then he’ll be able to go where he wants to try to win a championship.

Perhaps by then, the Golden State Warriors will need Sexton as they go for their seventh straight NBA championship. Or maybe, a then-37-year-old James — who’s on a four-year deal with the Lakers — will want Sexton to join him somewhere, anywhere. Who knows?

Or maybe Cleveland will figure out a way by then to win without James. (Probably not.)

No matter what, if Sexton plays well over the next four years, he’ll have a chance to win a championship.

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