You would think Nick Saban would’ve figured it out by now.

Of course, at the opening news conference of Alabama’s regular season, reporters are going to ask about the quarterbacks. It’s just natural when there’s no clear-cut guy at the position.

It’s as certain as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.

So, he probably shouldn’t get so irritated when they ask about it over and over. It’s going to happen, so why act like it’s taking all the effort in the world to keep from rolling your eyes skyward over and over?

Actually, switch that. Do get irritated. Get really irritated.

Irritated Nick Saban is fun and interesting. Irritated Nick Saban gives good answers. Irritated Nick Saban gives reporters plenty to write and talk about. Irritated Nick Saban makes me smile.

Six of the first seven questions this past Monday dealt with the quarterbacks. The first answer was routine: “We're excited about the progress that both guys have made and what they're capable of doing.”

The fun began with the third question, when a reporter asked if we should assume that we won’t find out who’s starting until the game Saturday: “I don’t think you should assume anything. If I’m ready to tell you, I’ll tell you. If I’m not, I won’t, a’ight? So, you can assume that.”

After the last question about the quarterbacks, Saban finally said, “I wish we could talk about something else because I really don’t have anything else to say about it.”

That’s when the news conference went a different direction, to Saban’s apparent approval. After one question about Louisville, he commended the reporter, “That’s the first good question.”

Actually, Saban didn’t get super irritated Monday. One reporter passed up a perfect opportunity to get Saban going. When referring to the list of which players are first and second team at which positions, the reporter called it an “administrative grouping,” instead of two of Saban’s most disliked words in the English language:

Depth chart.

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