Joe Buck

Fox sports announcer Joe Buck has at least one critic for his job during the 2016 World Series


Note to Joe Buck:

It’s clear you think all the hate you’ve gotten as Fox’s play-by-play broadcaster for the World Series has to do with what team a particular person wanted to win. If someone wanted Cleveland/Chicago to win, and you said something nice about Chicago/Cleveland, that person hates you. You respond by saying that can’t be helped and ignore any complaints.

But the issue is how you did the games from top to bottom. We had a World Series for the ages, but you took away some of the joy in watching it. Some suggestions:

—Just. Stop. Talking. Please. Baseball builds tension differently than basketball and football do. All that talking you do is distracting. In fairness, Fox probably is asking you to talk that much, but in the future, please tell them to stick it.

—Let your color commentator dominate the conversation. You’ve got one of the best in John Smoltz. Ask him more questions. Let him express and develop his opinions. Don’t make him wait for you to shut up for a second so he can say something.

—Stop forcing storylines. (You overplaying the return of the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber is why that Indians fan created the Buck/Schwarber wedding registry on Bed, Bath and Beyond’s website.) Unlike in football and basketball, anybody could get put on the spot at the most critical time in baseball, so a game won’t necessarily unfold in the direction you’re building toward. It’s distracting when you do this.

—It’s nice you check Twitter, but so do I. When a competitor of your network gives a factoid on Twitter, you then repeat it on your broadcast far too often for it to be a coincidence. Stop doing that. It’s distracting.

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