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Joe Medley: While we’re recognizing spouses, an ode to mine

The Anniston Star has done recent stories on the lives of coaches’ wives, and FNN Network will do a special show to honor them Oct. 22.

It’s good to see special sacrifices recognized. Special is the spouse of someone with a non-traditional job, the kind that blows past 40 hours a week like a stop sign in the desert and fires a round at the sign.

Why not extend the same recognition to sports-media spouses? Here’s hoping they find Monday in our house relatable.

I was useless Monday ... at home, that is. I had Jacksonville State’s press day and luncheon at 11:30 and writing to do from that. I broke to pick up the kids from school then wrote some more, ahead of the Calhoun County volleyball final.

I wrote my day’s last word a little after 10 p.m., past the time my wife and kids went to bed, but Rhonda’s text told me I’d find more than a quiet house. Wonder Woman had outdone herself.

On her last day off before her next spate of 12-hour shifts as an ICU nurse, she got up with the kids and handled the morning. This so I could sleep a little more before my long, busy work day began.

She spent her day cleaning, no small task in our house and with no help from me. She cooked an early supper and, while I covered volleyball, volunteered at literacy night at our daughter’s school.

I came home to yummy leftover lasagna, with tasty modifications to Rhonda’s normal tasty take. A different tomato sauce and a couple of other touches made me glad I waited to eat, instead of grabbing drivethru.

I ate my late supper, in our clean house, as Rhonda rested with pain patches on her back. I wish I deserved her.

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