Andy Burcham

Andy Burcham will be the next radio voice for the Auburn Tigers.

It feels like 2003, all over again, with Auburn choosing its next radio voice after one died unexpectedly.

No doubt, Andy Burcham never wanted the job to open the way it did. Proving his chops at finding the words for the moment, he called it the “worst possible way” Monday.

No doubt, however, Andy Burcham is the right man to take the lead voice’s headsets at Auburn.

It’s not just that he’s family, which he clearly is. He’s called Auburn athletics for 31 years, with three decades invested as the lead voice for women’s basketball. He’s been a part of the Auburn football crew since 1990 and baseball for 25 years.

Much like it was when Jim Fyffe died in May of 2003, it seems only appropriate that Auburn had a natural, good choice in the family, after Rod Bramblett and wife, Paula, died in that tragic May automobile accident.

As deep as Auburn has been with running backs through the years, it just might be deepest at broadcasters.

The simple fact is that Burcham is ready. Tragedy signaled his time, but he’s been ready.

If that fact wasn’t self-evident before Monday’s announcement that Burcham would assume the reins, then it became so when he did what great broadcasters do … find the words for the moment.

“I am honored to be following in the footsteps of such legends as Rod Bramblett, Jim Fyffe, and others,” he said. “With this job, you’re not just the voice of Auburn football, men’s basketball and baseball. You’re also the voice of Auburn. You represent Auburn every day, and I will never forget that.”

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