Baseball teaser

Get ready, traditionalists.

Barry Bonds is coming.

No, not just yet. Bonds fell short of election into the Baseball Hall of Fame for the sixth straight year, it was revealed on Wednesday evening.

He garnered 56.4 percent of votes on the ballot — players need 75 percent to enter Cooperstown — but this was his fifth straight year with an increase in votes. Bonds received 53.8 percent last season.

Players are removed from the ballot after 10 years if they go unelected.

Bonds won’t make it that far.

He’s coming to Cooperstown in the next three years, bringing with him the seemingly mortal sin of steroids. It’s never been “officially” stated by the man himself or proven by biological tests, but pictures exist. As does Game of Shadows. And the BALCO investigation.

Bonds used steroids and the generation of voters who condemned him for that is now slowly being outnumbered. Younger baseball writers, who know only a game that is tarnished by those same steroids, can overlook Bonds’ perceived transgressions and see his statistics.

The best home run hitter in the history of the sport. First in runs created. A seven-time MVP and 14-time All-Star.

They see those statistics — not what was needed to help produce them — and view them Hall of Fame worthy.

And that’s just fine.

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