Does anyone really think Molina would go elsewhere? Does anyone really think the Cards would let him? If the answer to both is no, and it is, then a multi-year extension seems premature and unnecessary, especially for a team that has been guilty of baking too much optimism into recent contracts.

MITCHELL, S.D. — Dakota Wesleyan had its shooting touch while Midland University struggled from the field Saturday in a women’s basketball game at the Corn Palace.

What other word can be picked to explain members of Mizzou's collapsed offensive line jawing at opponents after another failed third down forces a punt? What adjective is a better fit for a team that simply cannot keep itself out of shoving matches beneath a scoreboard that reminds them they are losing?

Going in with an 18-6 season record, Missouri played South Carolina on Sunday at Hearnes Arena. There were 1460 fans in attendance for the game, including students, alumni, family members and out-of-towners. Each set was close with the scores being 25-21, 27-25, and 25-21, but ultimately, Mi…

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