QUESTION: After Adam Wainwright's second start, he declared his curveball is back. Since then, his ERA is over 12.00. If his curveball is "back," what is going on? Is he relying on his cutter too much?

QUESTION: Did Kolten Wong's agent call him to help him "clarify" his original comments about a platoon and seemingly asking to be traded? In general, where do young players get advice on when and how to speak to the media?

COMMENTS: Wong seemed to indicate he felt that because he had a 5-year contract, he should be the starter. Gyorko also has a 5-year contract, at a larger overall value, and according to advanced metrics was better at second base. ... Wong seems to be a "me first" player, whereas Gyorko seems to be a team player. This idea that the Cardinals owe Wong "development time" is ridiculous — he's had four years. Gyorko also performed significantly better at 3B than Peralta. Seems if anyone should be upset with his role, it would be Gyorko.

QUESTION: Does Adams' recent hitting have the Cardinals thinking about Carpenter at second base? How "limited" was he as a defensive second baseman? Wong has elite range at the position, but Carp was an All-Star there.

QUESTION: The free agencies of Manny Machado (above) and Bryce Harper in 2018-2019 present once-in-a-generation chances to lock in a prime superstar. If the Yankees were to sign Machado, do you think the Cardinals would still be inclined to pursue Harper, even if he’s a less logical fit than Machado?

QUESTION: Yadi appeared to lose a slight, but noticeable, amount of agility behind the plate last year. He was still really good, but did he return to earth as a catcher. Did you notice the same? Can you tell yet if he has found a way to either adjust or offset those physical realities?

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