QUESTION: With the proposal of frequent doubleheaders, there might be a need for 6 starting pitchers to cover innings. Basically a 6-man staff. Is this possible and would the Cardinals have an edge over other NL contenders because of their starting pitching depth?

      QUESTION: Talk about a curveball. Did DeWitt and the other owners have a model of what it would look like for them if the season was lost? Surely they have one for a labor strike, which they would rely on for a pandemic, but I do not see how any of them could see this coming.

        COMMENT: Not sure Marcell Ozuna was a good move based on hindsight, and I really liked the guy. They gave up two major-league starting pitchers and possibly a 5th outfielder for two years of Ozuna. I think the deal tilts to bad when the Cardinals let Ozuna walk.

          QUESTION: I recently listened to an interview with Jim Kaat. He was describing different types of pitchers; max effort, Scherzer; easy velocity, DeGrom; and a control magician, Maddux. How would you describe the Cardinals' starting pitchers that were in camp using those descriptions? Lastly, I don’t want to start a front office firing chat. In your opinion, have the Cardinals made a really good trade or FA acquisition in the last 5 years. I couldn’t find any, but I would appreciate your perspective.

            COMMENT: This might be too controversial to touch, but I was a bit taken aback by Mo's comments that baseball would help lead the nation back because people needed something to have "faith" in. Mmy reply to him would be that people have a lot more to place faith in than baseball — their family, friends, and, yes, a higher being.

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