QUESTION: Why do the Cardinals have so many pitchers who don’t live up to potential? Carlos Martinez, Michael Wacha, Shelby Miller. All were top prospects that started strong then faded. Do you think Jack Flaherty will be better or fade like them?

      QUESTION: You’ve reported Yadier Molina’s intention to play two more years. For non-Cardinals teams that have interest in Yadi’s service, what would convince them to offer a two year deal? … With his legacy, wouldn’t the Cards be the only team willing to go that length?

        QUESTION: Play GM now. How would you go about upgrading this offense, not only to make it deeper but also to give it some balance. Speed never goes into a slump and can put a lot of pressure on a defense. I would like to see more Whiteyball type players incorporated into the lineup as opposed to all-or-nothing types.

          QUESTION: After next year when Matt Carpenter and Dexter Fowler salaries finally are off the books, who might the Cardinals go after? It sounds like Francisco Lindor and Nolan Arenado will be playing for new teams next year and probably will be under new contracts as well.

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