St. Louis Cardinals fans gathered at Hyatt Regency in St. Louis for the Cardinals CARE Winter Warm-up on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020. Cardinals players and management talked with fans, signed autographs as attendees reveled in their fandom during the first day of the three day event. 

      COMMENT: Looks like the Cardinals did well in the trade from a value standpoint, but didn’t the offense just get worse for next year? Considering the offense was already bad I don’t understand the trade from that standpoint.

        QUESTION: Why should Jack Flaherty have any beef about getting paid more? He was only 8-9 in 2018, and he is only 19-19 for his career. We really don’t know yet what we have in Jack Flaherty, do we? Wouldn’t the Cardinals be wise to wait to throw money at him?

          COMMENT: You and Jim Thomas are overly optimistic on Pietrangelo’s contract turmoil. Of course he’s leaving! He’ ll get over 20 million more on the open market. Fans can take the truth: He would have been signed already if he wanted to stay. So please stop saying you "can’t see him leaving."

            QUESTION: The incident with Petro and Reaves makes me wonder about the role of fighting in the NHL? Do we need an enforcer? Does Brouwer keep his roster spot and dress more often because he can fill the modern enforcer role, and we need him on the bench if something like this happens again?

              QUESTION: If Carlos Martinez is not the opening day closer, the Cards have several internal candidates. The names mentioned most often are Miller, Helsley, Gallegos. Why is John Brebbia's name not on this list? He has the ability, and he certainly has earned the opportunity to compete for that spot.

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