QUESTION: Since Carpenter is no longer needed by the Cardinals as a leadoff hitter, does he have trade value with other teams? Specifically, could the Cardinals get a good third baseman for him?

QUESTION: Is Dexter Fowler as happy and outgoing as he seems to be? How did Mike Matheny take to his putting the speakers on the field so the players could listen to music? I read where DF said the Cards were too serious, not having enough fun, winning makes it a lot more fun, maybe that was his point.

QUESTION: What can we expect from Waino this year 10-15 wins like he had in the years after a yearlong injury layoff or can he approach 15-20 since he presumably is 100 percent healthy from his 2015 injury?

QUESTION: What would you think about Diaz in the cleanup spot? The reason being that if you had a 1-2-3 first inning, you begin again with another high OBP hitter with good baserunning, who also offers RBI punch if the first inning goes well. So for instance, the lineup would look like: Fowler, Carpenter, Piscotty, Diaz, Grichuk, Molina, Peralta/Gyorko, Pitcher, Wong.

QUESTION: Rankings of "Top 100 players" in baseball include very few Cardinals. (Martinez and Carpenter frequently come in near the bottom half). Do you believe the Cardinals can win a World Series without having at least one or upper-echelon players? And have they done enough to try to acquire one of those?

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