QUESTION: Does John Mozeliak spend all of spring training in Jupiter? If so, is it because he also is evaluating the players with Shildt, or is it more to show support to the team? Does he second-guess the player evaluations made by the coaches, or give his opinion as part of a collective assessment?

      COMMENT: Research on the recent Cardinals teams that reached the WS shows that all of those teams had 10 hitters with 300 or more PA. Of those 10, at least four had an OPS above .800. Where does this team find four players that can deliver a greater than .800 OPS? This is one of the reasons fans are frustrated. They don’t see that type of production on this team and they aren’t happy with the front office's wait-and-see approach.

        QUESTION: When discussing the 26th man and possibly carrying 3 catchers, why does everyone assume Andrew Knizner would be the 3rd? Do they have any catchers with ML experience that might be useful instead?

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