COMMENT: This whole Covid situation has made me realize how big a problem the Cards have with regards to star power. Even before this latest shutdown, after the first 5 games I saw how getting out of the daily baseball habit had made me reevaluate things. They just don't have players that I want to watch. Flaherty's about it. Sometimes Waino, just to see if a former star will beat back Father Time that day. Otherwise they've got no one who is going to draw me to the TV.

      QUESTION: Saw some highlights a few days ago of a walkoff hit by the A's, and he was mobbed by teammates. I thought this was discouraged by MLB? Have you noticed other teams doing these sort of things?

        QUESTION: About the Cards' pitching depth -- could they withstand all the doubleheaders? Who would get a chance to start who normally would not? Woodford? Gant? Gomber (above)? And what if they have more injury or illness among the pitchers?

          QUESTION: In the small sample that you've seen this season for the Cards, did you feel like the hitting approach was any different from what was seen throughout last season? I realize that the sample size included bottom and top tier talent in opponents as well.

            COMMENT: Everyone wants to see Dylan Carlson, but Rangel Ravelo, Justin Williams and John Nogowski (above) deserve a shot, too. They all have good offensive stats in the minors and all have played corner outfield.

              COMMENT: This season wouldn't be as frustrating if we knew that 2021 is gonna be back to normal. I'm not optimistic. I doubt widespread Covid will be a thing of the past. I feel for the minor leaguers. What a nightmare.

                QUESTION: My parents live in a retirement center in St. Louis where there was an outbreak about a month ago. The state department of health did three sets of tests, each a week apart. The first two tests took 6 days to get results. The third test took over two weeks to get results. Yet, the Cards are getting tested everyday, and are getting back results very quickly. Is this fair? Is this the best use of these resources?

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