Local golf teaser

Hannah Dyar overcame a quadruple bogey to shoot an even-par 71 to finish as low medalist, and White Plains’ girls golf team won the 2019 Kickoff Classic on Saturday at the Twin Bridges Golf Course.

Dyar went 2-under through her first five holes then shot an 8 on the next one, which was No. 18 on the course. After a long cart ride to her next hole, No. 1 on the course, she birdied the next two holes to get back to even.

“If I make a quad, I need a new club, I’m in a fetal position, and I need to wash my mouth out,” White Plains coach Chris Randall said. “What she did was amazing. It took mental toughness. She took it to another level.

“I’m proud of 71, but I’m thrilled with how she handled an eight.”

Dyar won by five strokes, and White Plains shot 235, 13 strokes better than Arab and 25 better than Hartselle. The tournament field included 16 teams.

White Plains’ other scoring players:

—Baylie Webb, 81, season-low round.

—Lexee Cunningham, 83, season-low round.

—Abby Gattis, 84, lowest round ever shot in competition.


Oxford takes two of three: Oxford’s softball team won two of three games in the Oxford Spring Sting on Saturday, beating Munford 13-0 and Susan Moore 7-1 and falling to Vestavia Hills 9-4.

The Yellow Jackets are 9-7.

Oxford’s top performers against Munford:

—Sarah Howell, 4-for-4, home run, four runs, two RBIs, four stolen bases.

—Emily Thrasher, 2-for-2, two runs, one RBI, two stolen bases.

—Riley Rhodes, 2-for-2, one run, two RBIs, stolen base.

—Takya Garrett, 2-for-2, two runs, stolen base.

—Keesheninna Titi, two runs, stolen base.

—Ametria Wilson, 1-for-3, one run, one RBI, stolen base.

—Bailey Clark, 1-for-3, three RBIs.

—Cohlee Boone, 2-for-3, triple, double, one run, one RBI; four innings pitched, five hits, no runs, no walks, one strikeout.

Oxford’s top performers against Susan Moore:

—Boone, five innings pitched, two hits, no earned runs, six strikeouts; 1-for-2, one run, two RBIs, double, stolen base.

—Howell, 2-for-3, one run, one RBI, triple, stolen base.

—Lauren Ellard, 2-for-2, triple, one run.

—Rhodes, one run, stolen base.

—Garrett, one RBI.

—Titi, 1-for-2, one run, one RBI.

—Clark, 1-for-2, one run.

—Eilee Sparks, 1-for-2, one run.

Oxford’s top performers against Vestavia Hills:

—Howell, 2-for-3, one run, one RBI, triple, double.

—Rhodes, 1-for-2, one run, one RBI.

—Garrett, 1-for-2, one run.

—Titi, 1-for-2, double.

—Clark, 1-for-2, two RBIs, triple.

—Thrasher, four innings pitched, seven earned runs, two strikeouts, no walks.

—Sparks, 1-for-2, one run.


Deshler 10, Oxford 3: Playing in the Oxford Spring Experience, Oxford fell to Deshler. Oxford’s top performers:

—Reese Howard, 2-for-3, one run, one RBI.

—Alex Armstrong, 1-for-1.

—Trey Higgins, 1-for-3, double, one run.

—Peyton Howard, 1-for-3, triple, two RBIs.

—Trey Mooney, 2-for-3.

—Chadd Adams, 1-for-2, double, one run.

Alexandria takes two: At Alexandria, the Valley Cubs beat Montgomery Catholic 7-2 and Jacksonville 14-9.

Alexandria’s top performers against Montgomery Catholic:

—Landon Comer, pitched four scoreless innings, allowing no hits with four strikeouts.

—Noah Primm, 2-for-4, double.

—Layton Ellison, 2-for-3, two doubles.

—Jalen Borders, 2-for-2.

Alexandria’s top performers against Jacksonville:

—MItch Welch, winning pitcher, two innings of relief, three strikeouts.

—Primm, two doubles.

—Ryan Taylor, two home runs, one grand slam, six RBIs.

Piedmont takes two: Piedmont swept two games on the road Saturday, beating Ohatchee 11-2 and White Plains 19-0. The Bulldogs improved to 11-3.

Piedmont’s top performers against White Plains:

—T.J. Fairs, two runs, two RBIs.

—Jakari Foster, 1-for-2, three runs, one RBI, two stolen bases.

—Noah Reedy, 1-for-2, one run, stolen base.

—Jack Hayes, 2-for-4, one run, two RBIs; four innings pitched, two hits, no runs, threes strikeouts, one walk.

—Mason Mohon, 1-for-4, double, three runs, one RBI, stolen base.

—Sean Smith, 2-for-2, two runs, three RBIs; one inning pitched, one hit, two strikeouts.

—Silas Thompson, 1-for-2, two RBIs.

—Bryce Walter, 2-for-4, double, one run, two RBIs.

—Nick Johnson 1-for-2, one RBI.

—Austin Estes, 1-for-2, one run, one RBI, stolen base.

—Max Hanson, two runs, stolen base.

White Plains’ top performers:

—Coleman Messer, 1-for-1.

—Ben Rouse, 1-for-1.

—Logan Knight, 1-for-2.

Piedmont’s top performers against Ohatchee:

—Fairs, 1-for-3, two runs.

—Brant Deerman, 3-for-5, home run, double, two runs, three RBIs.

—Mohon, 2-for-4, three RBIs.

—Smith, 1-for-4, home run, one run, one RBI.

—Walter, 3-for-3, double, three runs, stolen base.

—Solomon Doss, 1-for-1, one RBI.

—Thompson, 4 1/3 innings pitched, no runs, one hit, four strikeouts, three walks.

—Cassius Fairs, 2/3 inning pitched, no hits, no runs, one strikeout.

Ohatchee’s top performers:

—Konnor Baswell, 2-for-4, one RBI.

—Joshua Lipham, one RBI.

—Michael Dover, 1-for-2, double.


Faith Christian sweeps: The Lions’ boys and girls beat Pleasant Valley on Friday. Match results:

Boys singles

No. 1 — Jac Myric (Faith) def. Trent Findley (PV), 8-5

No. 2 — Josh Goode (Faith) def. Dakota Parr (PV), 8-0

No. 3 — Brodie Yarbrough (Faith) def. Joseph Johnson (PV), 8-3

No. 4 — Jacob Teal (PV) def. Evan Miller (Faith), 8-4

No. 5 — Eli Mitchell (Faith) def. Christian Friedman (PV), 8-3

No. 6 — Gavin Randall (Faith) def. Andrew Johnson (PV), 8-2

Boys doubles

No. 1 — Myrick-Mitchell (Faith) def. Findley-Parr (PV), 8-5

No. 2 — Goode-Yarbrough (Faith) def. J.Johnson-Teal (PV), 8-2

No. 3 — Miller-Stacks (Faith) def. Friedman-A.Johnson (PV), 8-4

Girls singles

No. 1 — Zana Christjohn (Faith) def. Maci Meadows (PV), 8-0

No. 2 — Sarah Jessica Christjohn (Faith) def. Rileigh Kirsch (PV), 8-0

No. 3 — Kristin Covington (Faith) def. Madi Hayes (PV), 8-0

No. 4 — Meagan Ford (Faith) def. Allison Vess (PV), 8-2

No. 5 — Dacoy Dunaway (Faith) def. Rebecca Travis (PV), 8-0

No. 6 — Kassidy Nix (Faith) def. Chloe Cram (PV), 8-0

Girls doubles

No. 1 — Christjohn-Christjohn (Faith) def. Meadows-Kirsch (PV) 8-1

No. 2 — Covington-Ford (Faith) def. Hayes-Vess (PV), 8-0

No. 3 — Dunaway-Nix (Faith) def. Travis-Cram (PV), 8-1