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Donoho's Emma Wiedmer hits a back hand shot during the Calhoun County high school tennis tournament Saturday at the Oxford Lake courts. (Photo by Trent Penny/The Anniston Star)

Donoho’s girls won their third straight Calhoun County tennis championship, while the Oxford boys won for the second straight year.

Saturday featured play in the six singles divisions at Oxford Lake, after Friday included the three doubles divisions. Teams earned two points for each win in singles, while they got three points for doubles victories.

Oxford’s boys scored 53 points as they won four of six singles divisions Saturday and finished runner-up in the remaining two. Donoho (30) was runner-up, followed by Jacksonville (21), Pleasant Valley (2) and Faith Christian (0).

Donoho’s girls won all six singles titles and scored 58 points as they ran away to their championship. Oxford and Faith Christian tied in the points standings with 18 each. Oxford was named the tournament runner-up based on head-to-head competition with Faith Christian. Jacksonville (4) was fourth, and Pleasant Valley (0) was fifth.

The boys No. 1 Singles final was a repeat of last year’s championship match. Ben Reimer of Oxford won last year 10-7 over Donoho’s Cooper Montgomery. This year, Montgomery claimed the title. Reimer is a junior, and Montgomery a sophomore, so conceivably they could meet again next year.

Donoho’s Claire Hillman, a seventh-grader, was almost perfect for the tournament. In three matches, she outscored her opponents at No. 3 singles 30-1. She didn’t drop a game until the end of her final match.

Boys No. 1 Singles:  Jesse Wilson (J) d. Jac Myrick (F), 10-6; Cooper Montgomery (D) d. Wilson (J), 10-6; Ben Reimer (O) d. Dakota Herron (PV), 10-2; Finals — Montgomery (D) d. Reimer (O), 10-8.

Boys No. 2 Singles:  Dawson Meadows (PV) d. Gavin Randall (F), 10-1; Chase White (O) d. Meadows (PV), 10-0; David Hudson (D) . Ben Patterson (J), 10-2; Finals — White (O) d. Hudson (D), 10-5.

Boys No. 3 Singles:  Seth Turner (O) d. Trent Findley (PV), 10-2; Turner (O) d Cole Gaddy (J), 10-3; Harrison Han (D) d. Braden Stacks (F), 10-0; Finals — Turner (O) d. Han (D), 11-9.

Boys No. 4 Singles:  Brett Noah (J) d. Brodie Yarbrough (F), 10-4; Noah (J) d. Dakota Parr (PV), 10-4; Landon Macoy (O) d. Rhett Rigsby (D), 10-0; Finals — Macoy (O) d. Noah (J), 10-4.

Boys No. 5 Singles:  Ethan Fuller (O) d. Reese McWhorter (D), 10-8; Fuller (O) d. Joseph Johnson (PV), 10-1; Ammon Record (J) d. Josh Goode (F), 10-1; Finals — Record (J) d. Fuller (O), 11-10 (7-5).

Boys No. 6 Singles:  Jack Ballard (D) d. Eli Mitchell (F), 10-6; Ballard (D) d. Mason Bayles (J), 10-6; Josh Whaley (O) d. Jacob Teal (PV), 10-3; Finals — Whaley (O) d. Ballard (D), 10-6.

Girls No. 1 Singles:  Emma Wiedmer (D) d. Analeigh Adams (O), 10-0; Wiedmer (D) d. Karina Jones (PV), 10-1; Zana Christjohn (F) d. Molly Wilson (J), 10-2; Finals — Wiedmer (D) d. Christjohn (F), 10-4.

Girls No. 2 Singles:  Sarah Jessica Christjohn (F) d. Kristen Peck (PV), 10-2; Christjohn (F) d. Abigail Pratt (O), 10-5; Marella Hudson (D) d. Natalie Patterson (J), 10-1; Finals — Hudson (D) d. Christjohn (F), 10-4.

Girls No. 3 Singles:  Claire Hillman (D) d. Alex Billups (J), 10-0; Hillman (D) d. Abby Reimer (O), 10-0; Kristin Covington (F) d. Destiny Conley (PV), 10-0; Finals — Hillman (D) d. Covington (F), 10-1.

Girls No. 4 Singles:  Virginia Hutto (D) d. Savannah Sawyer (J), 10-2; Hutto (D) d. Meagan Ford (F), 10-1; Caroline Rogers (O) d. Maci Meadows (PV), 10-3; Finals — Hutto (D) d. Rogers (O), 10-1.

Girls No. 5 Singles:  Claire Walker (D) d. Kaelyn Albright (O), 10-1; Walker (D) d. Haleigh Burrows (PV), 10-1; Anslin Dryden (J) d. Lauren Knapp (F), 10-3; Finals — Walker (D) d. Dryden (J), 10-4.

Girls No. 6 Singles:  Kalee Spears (O) d. Tyler Reyes (J), 10-2; Lily Grace Draper (D) d. Kassidy Nix (F), 10-0; Finals — Draper (D) d. Spears (O), 10-2.


Ohatchee 7, White Plains 4: Cade Williamson paced the winners by going 2-for-2 with a pair of RBIs. Grayson Alward pitched 5⅓ innings, giving up three hits and striking out one.

This was the first of two games Ohatchee played Saturday.

Ohatchee’s other top performers:

—Kevin Williamson, 2-for-2, one double, one RBI

—Alward, one double

—Ben Glass, one single

—Konnor Baswell, one single

Ohatchee 16, Gaston 1: In a game called after five innings because of the mercy rule, Larry Noah went 2-for-3, tripled, slugged a grand slam, and drove home seven runs.

Ohatchee (2-2) will play Tuesday at Lincoln.

Ohatchee’s other top performers:

—Bailey Graham, 4-for-4, four singles

—Glass, 2-for-3

—Baswell, 2-for-3, one double

—Blake Buckalew, 2-for-2

Weaver 5, Saks 4: Saks led 3-2 before Weaver scored three times in the fourth inning to go ahead for good.

Saks got a run in the fifth and left four runners on base in the sixth and seventh innings.

For Weaver, Jaden Calhoun got the pitching win and struck out four. Colby Thompson worked the last two innings to get the save.

Weaver (2-2) will play Monday at White Plains at 4:30 p.m.

Weaver’s top performers:

—Dalton Hamby, two singles, one triple

—Ethan Moncus, three singles

—Drake Monroe, one single, one double

Saks’ top performers:

—Eley Downes, 1-for-2, one run

—Jaylen Childs, three walks, one run

—Caleb Ogle, 3-for-3, two runs, one RBI

—Cody Hopkins, 1-for-3, two RBIs

—Harley Burgess, seven innings pitched, seven strikeouts

Saks 5, Clay Central 0: Childs pitched a five-hitter to get the win. He struck out 10 as Saks improved to 3-3.

The Wildcats will play at home Tuesday against Pleasant Valley at 4:30 p.m.

—Burgess, 2-for-3, one double, two runs, one RBI

—Childs, 2-for-3, one double, one RBI

—Ogle, 2-for-3, two RBIs

—Hopkins, 1-for-2, one RBI

—Downes, 1-for-3


Hartselle 8, Oxford 3: Oxford lost to Hartselle Saturday morning and finished with a 1-2 record in the Spain Park tournament.

The Yellow Jackets travel to Moody on Tuesday.

Oxford’s top performers:

—Emily Thrasher, 2-for-2, two RBIs

—Shelby Caldwell, 1-for-1, one RBI

—Sarah Howell, 1-for-3

—Christavia Curry, 1-for-1

—Ashleigh Reaves, 1-for-1

Weaver 6, Cherokee County 4; Weaver 11, B.B. Comer 1; Weaver 11, Munford 4: Weaver won Munford’s Friday night tournament, sweeping away the competition.

The Bearcats (3-1) will host Munford on Monday.

Weaver’s top performers:

—Rayne Beck, 9-for-11, two home runs

—Kylee Jordan, 7-for-11 at the plate; 2-0 in the circle

—Haley Homesley, 8-for-11, five RBIs

—Lexi Callahan, 6-for-11

—Emily Reed, 7-for-10, three sacrifices

—Erin Smith, 1-0 in the circle, eight strikeouts in six innings

Pleasant Valley 6, Cold Springs 3: In the Wallace State-Hanceville tournament, Pleasant Valley won the first of its three games Saturday.

The Raiders scored four times in the bottom of the second inning to break a 5-1 tie.

Leah Patterson got the pitching win after working three innings and striking out four.

Pleasant Valley's other top performers:

—Savannah Williams, 2-for-2, one double, two RBIs, one stolen base

—McKinley Parris, 2-for-2, two RBIs

—Lindsey Pritchett, 1-for-3, two RBIs

Gardendale 4, Pleasant Valley 3: Olivia Jones pitched five innings and kept Gardendale off the scoreboard for the last three innings.

Pleasant Valley's other top performers:

—Mikayla Kendrick, 2-for-3, one home run, two runs, two RBIs

—Savannah Williams, 2-for-3

—Rylee Haynes, one RBI

Pleasant Valley 16, Lynn 6: The Raiders led 4-3 before unloading with 12 runs in the top of the third inning.

Pleasant Valley's top performers:

—Pritchett, 4-for-4, three runs, two RBIs

—Parris, 2-for-3, two runs, one double, one home run, four RBIs

—Dorsett, 2-for-3, one double, two RBIs

—Kendrick, 3-for-3, one double, two runs, one RBI

—Ava Boozer, 2-for-3, one double, two RBIs

—Bailey Harris, 2-for-3, one double, two RBIs

Cleburne County 7, Ohatchee 3; Cleburne County 8, Horseshoe Bend 6; Cleburne County 2, Pell City 1; Cleburne County 1, Gadsden City 0: Kendal Houston got the pitching win against Ohatchee, Pell City and Gadsden City as Cleburne County won the Saks Invitational on Saturday.

Cleburne County's top performers against Ohatchee:

—Chelsea Parker, 2-for-2, one double

—Skylar Shierling, 2-for-2, two RBIs

Cleburne County's top performers against Horseshoe Bend:

—Skylar Shierling, 2-for-3, one double, two runs, one RBI

—Madison Higgins, 2-for-3, one double, one RBI, got the pitching win

Cleburne County's top performers against Pell City:

—Parker, 2-for-2

—Kaylee Shierling, 1-for-3, one RBI

Cleburne County's top performers against Gadsden City:

—Kaylee Shierling, 2-for-3, one double, one

—Miciah Pentacost, 1-for-2