Dawson Wells

Saks' Dawson Wells.

The offensive and defensive lines have been key drivers in Saks High School’s 12-0 run to the Class 4A quarterfinals, and senior offensive tackle/defensive end Dawson Wells has been a big part of it.

He and his line mates have cleared the way for quarterback LaDerrick Bell and running backs Johnathon Cobb and JaDarris Griffin to make lots of big plays. On defense, Wells and the other front men have helped Saks dominate at times.

Wells also wrestles for Saks and said he might throw discus for the track team this spring.

Once through with high school, he plans to attend his favorite university, Alabama, and study business. For now, he’s trying to help Saks continue its pursuit of a state championship.

This week, he took a few minutes to talk to Star Sports Writer Joe Medley and field 10 questions:


Question: The offensive line is often an underappreciated part of a successful team. What has the line’s contribution been this year?

Answer: We replaced some guys that we lost last year, and I think we’ve all worked really hard in the weight room this summer. We’ve all got a decent amount of size at each position. There’s not a lot of depth.


Q: Saks went from a six-win team last year to 12-0. What’s been the key?

A: I think we kind of realized that you can’t just do it on your own last year. We’ve kind of worked together more this year.


Q: You play Cherokee County for the second time this season in Friday’s quarterfinals. What’s your chances to beat them again?

A: We beat them before this season, but that doesn’t mean we can just take them lightly. We’re still going to take them like any other team, any other week.


Q: This team already has a place in Saks history as the second team to finish the regular season unbeaten, and you can become the first to reach a state final unbeaten. What is this team’s sense of its place in school history?

A: We’ve talked about it, but they try to keep us humble and not let it get to our heads too much.


Q: What are three things you couldn’t live without?

A: The internet. That’s a big one. Some of my friends and my parents, definitely.

Q: When you took your first driving lesson, who gave it to you and how did it go?

A: I think it was my dad, and he’s kind of impatient, so there was a little bit of yelling involved.


Q: What’s the hardest test you’ve ever taken?

A: The ACT, just the time. It’s kind of pressuring, and it decides your whole future about college.


Q: Whose three phone numbers do you call the most?

A: My mom, my dad and probably Jordan (Brooks), because I’ve got to pick him up, and he doesn’t want to come out sometimes.


Q: Do you have any superstitions related to your sport?

A: I always wear the same clothes on Friday, and I always buy a Gatorade before a game on Friday. I wear the same pair of shorts, and I have to get whatever the blue flavor is (Cool Blue).


Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from a teacher or coach?

A: Never put all of your trust in one person. That’s Mrs. (Pamela) Roberts, English.

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