Layton Cheatwood

Sacred Heart's Layton Cheatwood plays basketball, soccer and golf.

Get used to the name Layton Cheatwood.

He’s an eighth-grader at Sacred Heart, working his way up the ranks in soccer, basketball and golf, but expect to hear his name more in the years to come.

He loves basketball and soccer, but golf just might be his game. He has the ability, his coach says. A relative newby, he just needs time.

He also has Marcus Harrell for a coach. Harrell’s White Plains teams won that school’s first two state championships in any sport, and he helped White Plains’ Layton Bussey become a co-state champion.

As the high school golf season gets started in Alabama, Cheatwood is shooting about 40 for nine holes now, Harrell said, but he’s coming. Just a tip.

Don’t be surprised to see Cheatwood do his thing for Sacred Heart’s four-time-state-champion basketball team, as well. He’s a Michael Jordan fan and likes the fast-paced nature of basketball.

For now, he’s pulling double duty, slowing things down for golf by going back on the attack in soccer. He took time to sit down with Star Sports Writer Joe Medley for the weekly “10 questions” feature:

Question: You play a lot of sports. How long have you played them all?

Answer: I started soccer when I was 6, basketball when I was in third grade and golf last year. 

Q: How did you get into golf?

A: My pawpaw (David Robinson) used to own a golf course (Pine Hill). I used to go there when I was a little kid and just always loved it and decided to play.

Q: How has your development in golf gone?

A: I think it’s gone pretty good, because I had a good coach this year. I’m hoping this year, it just goes smooth.

Q: What’s the goal for the golf team this season?

A: That we win county and move on.

Q: If you had an extra $20, how would you spend it?

A: Maybe something for, like, my family, my mom. Flowers.

Q: What was the longest car ride you’ve ever taken?

A: When we went to Notre Dame to see my babysitter that I’ve always just grown up with, Anna (Kerper). That was about 14 hours. We’re going to Colorado this summer. It’s, like, a day-and-a-half. My friend’s uncle and aunt are having a baby.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from a teacher or coach?

A: Be phenomenal or be forgotten. It was Coach Brock (Harrell), Marcus’ brother. He said it during halftime, when we were down six, I think. We won.

Q: What’s something about you that few people know?

A: I kind of have, like, a small temper. If someone is, like, messing with my friends or something, I just get really mad. 

Q: What’s something you would like to be better at?

A: Drawing. My dad’s just always been good at it, and I’ve never been good at it. I like to draw nature and things like that.

Q: If you were in a talent show, what would your talent be?

A: Probably juggling a soccer ball. I can catch it and hold it with my foot, and I can do around the world.

Sports Writer Joe Medley: 256-235-3576. On Twitter: @jmedley_star.