AHSAA questions, answers


The Alabama High School Athletic Association included answers to frequently asked questions with Thursday’s announcement that summer workouts for member schools can start June 1:

When can AHSAA member schools begin summer activities?

AHSAA member schools may begin summer activities June 1. Please confer with your local administration regarding when your school will reopen.

What forms must be in place before a student-athlete’s participation in summer sports activities?

All student-athletes must have a current pre-participation physical, 2020-21 Consent Release and Concussion form on file prior to participating in summer activities including, but not limited to, workouts, practice sessions, skill development, etc. (Schools may accept 2019-20 physicals until the school’s first fall practice date. All new athletes must have an up-to-date physical on file.

Who is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the guidelines?

It is the responsibility of the local school system to monitor the guidelines from the ADPH, ALSDE, and local health departments.

Do we have to work in groups of 10?

No. Group size is unlimited as long as physical distancing and all other current safety guidelines are maintained. Coaches should consult with their administration for ALSDE/ADPH guidelines related to physical distancing.

Can a student-athlete participate without a mask or facial covering?

Facial coverings are recommended to the greatest extent possible but should be worn when an activity requires a person to be closer than six feet and when entering common areas.

Can multiple sports teams use the same location/facility at the same time?

Yes, if physical distancing is practiced and teams/groups do not interchange.

Who can be present during an activity?

Only school personnel, coaches, athletic trainers, and student-athletes should be present during activities. Non-essential personnel should not be present.

How often does team equipment need to be cleaned?

All equipment and surfaces, including weights, benches, balls, bats, helmets, gloves, etc., should be cleaned after each group activity, individual workout, or skill development session. Avoid sharing equipment or personal items (towels, cups, water bottles, gloves, etc.) when possible.

Can we have Summer Competition/ Team Camps?

No. In accordance with ALSDE guidelines regarding school sponsored activities, schools may only utilize static groups (your own students and feeder school students) for the duration of this order; for example, schools may hold camps for their own students but not interscholastic camps. In addition, the AHSAA Central Board of Control suspended team camps and competition until further notice.

Can AHSAA member schools have summer tryouts?

In accordance with AHSAA bylaws, mandatory summer practices are prohibited, but weightlifting, conditioning, individual skill development, and workouts are under the jurisdiction of local schools. Nonetheless, local schools may use a process to determine the student-athletes who make up any compliant ADPH groupings.