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Local golf: Three in a row for Wigington

071419_Sunny King Golf_Sunday_027 tp.jpg

Gary Wigington tees off on the 2nd hole during the final round of the 41st annual Sunny King Golf Classic in 2019 at the Anniston Country Club. (Photo by Trent Penny/The Anniston Star)

Gary Wigington played flawless golf this past weekend at Pine Hill Country Club as he played 36 holes with zero bogeys and 12 birdies.

His performance gave him his sixth Pine Hill Invitational victory in the last eight years. It was like old times as he dueled Jeremy McGatha, who only had one bogey over the weekend and 12 birdies to finish one stroke back at 11-under par.

Wigington now has won 18 Calhoun County Tour events in his career, while McGatha has 10 titles. Wigington has made 103 straight starts in Tour events.

It has been a few years since the two have dueled each other in the final Sunday grouping, and it was a classic battle last Sunday, as McGatha shot a 67 with no bogeys and five birdies, while Wigington shot 66 with no bogeys.

The two set up the showdown with a pair of 66s on Saturday.

“The greens were holding very well today, and the course was looking very good. I left a few shots out there, but it was a good round," Wigington said.

McGatha was having his own 66 a little earlier on Saturday.

"I have not been playing well and have had a lot of things going on and you can’t play good golf if you are not 100 percent there mentally, so it was a good round today,” McGatha said.

McGatha’s day on Sunday started out wild. His drive hit a tree in the woods and came out in good position. He then hit a 15-foot chip shot that left him well short of the green. His next shot came out like a bullet and was headed over the green and he was headed for a double bogey. However, the ball hit the pin and dropped straight down inches from the hole. He tapped in for par and stayed tied for the lead.

He birdied the next hole with a great second shot and he was to hold that lead until the 16th hole. McGatha birdied Nos. 5, 6 and 15 to get to 10 under.

Wigington birdied Nos. 6 and 8 on the front nine and was 8 under at the turn. He was brilliant down the stretch as he birdied Nos. 13, 15, 16 and 17 to re-take the lead at 12 under. The key shot was a bunker shot to within a few inches on No. 17 to retain the lead.

“It is tough to shoot 11 under and not win, but Gary is so tough to beat. He just keeps coming at you and never lets up. I'm starting to put things together. Just need to practice some, but it felt good to play well today,” McGatha said.

Added Wigington: “It was fun to be paired with Jeremy today. He had me most of the day until those last few holes where I made up some ground. It was a fun day.”

Wigington’s 25-foot birdie from the fringe on No. 15 got him the lead for the first time. It was Wigington’s third straight victory on the 2020 Calhoun County Tour.

Third place went to 19-year-old Harrison Hughston, who put together another fine tournament. He placed third at The Anniston Country Club a couple of weeks ago. A poor second round, playing in the final grouping, hurt him in that tournament, but he learned some valuable lessons.

A Montevallo freshman and a former Donoho star golfer, Hughston shot an opening round 68 on Saturday and came home with a 69 on Sunday to finish at 7 under. He concluded his Sunday round with a spectacular eagle-three on the par-five 18th hole.

“I learned in the ACC tournament second round that I was trying not to make mistakes, instead of just trying to play with nothing to lose," he said. "It was my first time ever in the final grouping on the Tour.”

He played well Sunday and was only two shots back with five holes to go.

Pine Hill Invitational scores

Final results

Championship Flight

Gary Wigington, 66-66—132

Jeremy McGatha, 66-67—133

Harrison Hughston, 67-69—136

Chad Calvert, 68-72—140

Kenny Okins, 69-72—141

Wesley Jenkins, 70-71—141

Clay Calkins, 71-70—141

Adrian Geeting, 71-71—142

Landon Straub, 71-73—144

Caleb McKinney, 71-73—144

Tyler Putnam, 71-74—145

Chip Howell, 70-75—145

Nick Pollard, 71-75—146

Chandler Allen, 71-78—149

David Clark, 70-81—151

First Flight

Chance Harris, 72-70—142

Josh Poole, 72-72—144

Caleb Bowen, 72-72—144

Gage Miller, 74-72—146

Chase Hollingsworth, 72-75—147

Graham Morrow, 73-75—148

Timmy Woodard, 74-74—148

Ethyn Roberts, 73-76—149

Frank Brady, 72-77—149

Mark Guyther, 72-78—150

Jason Rich, 72-81—153

Mike Lett, 74-80—154

Rick Okins, 74-81—155

Ted Heim, 72-83—155

Bradley Elliott, 74-86—160

Second Flight

Chad Watson, 75-69—144

Brennan Clay, 75-70—145

Rodney Grubbs, 76-70—146

Justin Graveman, 75-73—148

Charlie Smith, 75-74—149

Matt Rogers, 75-75—150

Daniel Black, 75-77—152

Sawyer Edwards, 76-76—152

Landon Winfrey, 76-76—152

Tony Hicks, 76-78—154

Chris Hubbard, 75-79—154

Adam Johnson, 75-80—155

Cameron McCareeth, 75-80—155

Josh Hicks, 76-79—155

Tyler Dopson, 75-81—156

Trenton Lott, 76-81—157

Daily Thomas, 75-85—160

Third Flight

Johnny Barnes, 81-71—152

Carlos Sanderson, 78-74—152

Kobie Webb, 77-76—153

Brian Irwin, 77-77—154

Will Brown, 77-77—154

Zac Mangum, 77-78—155

Tom Liles, 77-78—155

Cole Fuller, 77-78—155

Peyton Bradley, 78-77—155

Mike Hughston, 78-77—155

Nic Ledbetter, 78-81—159

Samuel Wallace, 77-82—159

Cain Hollingsworth, 78-82—160

Ray Doss, 78-83—161

James Lett, 77-85—162

Zachary Austin, 78-87—165

Michael Downey, 78-89—167

Fourth Flight

Lenn Coffey, 79-75—154

Hank Smith, 80-76—156

Lamar Carter, 79-78—157

Kyle Turner, 79-78—157

Marcus King, 81-77—158

Dennis Pounders, 81-77—158

Mark McCaig, 82-76—158

Randy Watson, 81-79—160

Eddie Burks, 79-82—161

Justin Foster, 80-81—161

Phillip Sanderson, 79-84—163

Zac Carrizales, 79-84—163

Hayden Crowe, 79-85—164

Riley Boyd, 82-90—172

Jason Lett, 82-98—180

Fifth Flight

Cal Lambert, 83-76—159

Chase Thomas, 84-77—161

Lee Edge, 84-80—164

Steve Taylor, 85-80—165

Sean Kline, 84-82—166

Terry Cobb, 87-81—168

Heath Waldrop, 87-83—170

Tommy Snyder, 83-87—170

Brad Young, 86-90—176

Chris Reaves, 87-89—176

Marc Gaines, 87-90—177

Todd Pilkington, 87-93—180

Mickey Sheppard, 87-93—180

Justin Dopson, 86-97—183

Sixth Flight

Houston Black, 88-83—171

Tyler Teneyck, 93-82—175

Mike Ledbetter, 90-87—177

Daniel Ricks, 89-89—178

Alex Taylor, 89-89—178

Wayne Boyd, 91-92—182

Greg Gainey, 93-90—183

Brian Woodfin, 98-85—183

Michael Ray, 93-92—185

Kelly Rogers, 89-98—187

Tyrel Tucker, 92-96—187

Warren Sewell, 94-93—187

Ricky Carden, 104-84—188

Adam Benefiel, 100-92—192

Todd Hamilton, 96-97—193

Jared Joiner, 102-95—197

Austin Elliott, 99-103—202

Senior A

Dennis Austin, 70-71—141

Jerry Irwin, 72-72—144

David Sanders, 74-70—144

Mike Granato, 72-72—144

Doug Sears, 71-74—145

Bobby Vinson, 74-77—151

Carter Gable, 75-76—151

Buddy Eiland, 75-80—155

Senior B

Steve Davis, 76-76—152

Ron Fleming, 78-75—153

Rick Taylor, 76-79—155

Glenn Heathcock, 80-75—155

Tim Steward, 78-78—156

Keith Haywood, 77-80—157

Mike Thompson, 79-79—158

Robbie Robertson, 81-82—163

David Medders, 76-99—175

Senior C

Bruce Collins, 85-79—164

David Roden, 93-79—172

Richard Banks, 91-85—176

Lamar Ward, 84-92—176

Mark Vandaveer, 88-88—176

Steve Borrelli, 87-90—177

Frank Cobb, 85-94—179

Lee Clark, 91-95—186