We host the youth of our church for the annual Parker Memorial Youth Super Bowl Party and sometimes valuable lessons are learned as the game unfolds. Particularly, the lesson that Yankees catcher Yogi Berra summed so well many years ago, ”It ain’t over till it’s over.”

Jack Taylor, 94, is always at the Cane Creek golf course by 7:30 every morning to play nine holes as long as the temperature is above 40 degrees. On Tuesday, the weather spiked into the 60s and Mr. Jack — as he is known — sank an ace on the par-3 No. 3 hole with a 3-wood. He shot 43 on the f…

If you drive by Cane Creek Golf Course these days, it looks like the club pro, Kenny Szuch, has gone crazy with a chainsaw. There are stumps as far as the eye can see, giant piles of limbs and views of the course that have never been seen before in its 60 or so years of existence.

Wow, while there has been no rain, the weather has been absolutely perfect for golf over the last three months. Hardly a breeze blowing and a little cool in the air. It is highly unusual to have little cold weather to this point in the year.

It was with great sadness to see that Renda and Bob Jaskowski are putting the Stoney Brook golf course up for sale, but at the same time, I’m happy for them because I know the stress of owning your own business and the amount of time that it took Bob trying to keep up with the course.

I guess everyone has their Arnold Palmer story and with his sad passing last Sunday, it brought back my memories of “The King.” He was my dad’s favorite golfer, and I can remember watching my dad cheer on Arnie on the old black and white television sets and the occasional trip to my uncle’s …

Cider Ridge was recently named as one of Golf Advisor’s Top 50 courses to play under $50 in the United States. Cider Ridge was one of only three Alabama courses to achieve such a mark. They were especially noted for the friendly service of their staff.

Sometimes, things are just meant to be. Steven Driggers, the new club pro and general manager at the Anniston Country Club, found that out when he was called to come back to Alabama for family reasons.

Paul Wade has seen it all at Anniston Municipal Golf Course. He has worked at “The Hill” for more than 20 years now. Titles do not mean a lot to Paul, so we will call him the golf course manager. He was handed the job because of club pro Buddy Moore’s untimely death a few years back, and he …

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