My father, Charlie owned a string of Oldsmobiles through the years beginning with a 1950 Olds Futuramic 88 Club Coupé and ending with a 1988 Toronado Trofeo. There were many of “my father’s Oldsmobiles” between that first and last model. I was well into adulthood when my father titled his white 1988 Trofeo. He had been selling Oldsmobiles full time since selling out his half of Han-De Super Service to his partner, Harold MacFarland. By 1988 he was selling for Carlson Oldsmobile — the fifth local Olds dealership for which he worked. 

Bavarian Motor Works’ sportiest sedan series dates back to 1975 with the BMW 3-series. Back then you were limited to a carbureted inline 4-cylinder motor producing 74 horsepower or an inline 6-cylinder producing 141 horsepower. They were not rocket ships, even for ‘70s standards, but fans quickly adored the 3-series’ suburb weight distribution and excellent handling.

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