I am sure you have heard of the phrase “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” This proverb has been accurate for most of BMW’s recent history. This is especially true for their current lineup because their vehicles tend to be polar opposites. The latest generation of Bimmers offer either Mercedes level luxury or Porsche level performance. You are either riding in comfort and style in their series models (IE 3-series,5-series,etc.) or being bounced around like ping pong ball while you are grinning from ear to ear in their M cars (IE M3,M5,etc).

    • Bruce Kunz Contributing Automotive writer

    Over the years, I’ve done stories on a number of Studebaker models from the compact Lark to the sporty and modern Avanti, and the regal President. However, you won’t hear much about the Power Hawk, as this was a rare bird in the Hawk species — built for one model year, 1956.

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