Remember the scene in Jurassic Park (the original, not one of the 52 remakes that have been made) where the velociraptors take on the T-Rex and end up destroying it? As fearsome as the T-Rex was it was the velociraptors that struck the most fear as they were both fast and tenacious.

I drove by this “thing” four times in one day, but could not take time to stop and check it out. In its present state, with just a portion of its original shell visible, I wasn’t sure just what it was. My first guess, however, turned out to be true. It is, or was, a first-generation Mazda Miata. 

It was a pure moment of reflection into the future of mobility as the emergence of electrification conversations continue to take precedence in an era of global warming and planetary resource depletion. Every major automaker plans to launch an electric vehicle (EV) within the next ten years (if they haven't already) from Kia to Bentley. Helping spearhead that charge is the luxury and performance-oriented EV startup Lucid Motors, with headquarters in Newark, CA, and a 500-acre plant in Arizona. They develop the majority of their core technologies in-house.

This is a F.O.R.D. story, which typically stands for “Found On Road Driving.” However, in this case, the Ford seen here was standing still and I was driving. I spotted the car at Mark II Tune Up and Auto Services on Lincoln Trail in Fairview Heights, Illinois. I didn’t need to employ my “old car radar” to spot this gleaming white 1968 Ford Fairlane Torino, all decked out in muscular trim.

BMW is a luxury brand known for performance and a certain driving style. In other words, it has personality. And that’s what you want from a vehicle and automotive manufacturer. So what happens when you add even more “personality” to your large SUV line?

Prepare yourself for eco-conscious change from one of the most prestigious and high-performance automakers in the world. Not only is 2021 the year of the S-Class, but it is also the launching pad for the evolution of all-electric mobility from Mercedes-Benz (M-B). Beginning with electrified S-Class family member EQS, the German purveyor of precision-engineered SUVs and sedans will open its doors for at least six zero-emissions vehicles such as the EQE (E-Class variant) and the EQB SUV.

I’m stepping back a decade in time for this week’s story about the handsome 1940 Ford pickup. The event was the very first Take a Kid to a Car Show St. Louis (TKCS-STL) on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010, at the Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri’s annual Easter Concours deElegance – one of the largest events of its kind in the St. Louis metro area.

You could forgive the neighborhood car enthusiast if he or she feels they're losing their grip on reality. I mean, I can see myself on the analyst's couch:

Most of my stories, as you know, are about older cars – 25 years or more in age. But I thought since last week’s OCC featured a "Ghostbusters" ambulance, it may be appropriate to follow it up with a different rendering: this 2018 FLEX. I mean, it is Halloween after all. 

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