The 1962 Buick Special Skylark convertible shown here belongs to John Cook and is on display in his garage. The Skylark was the top of the compact Special line – the second year of the compact Special cars, and the first of the compact Buicks to offer a convertible. John purchased this beauty from the Leake Auction in Oklahoma City five years ago. Before he could drive it off, another buyer offered to buy it from him for $1,000 over what John had paid for it. As you can see, John turned down the offer.

In a fanciful moment, one might imagine the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat being the happy result of Dodge engineers looking for something to do.

Mercedes-Benz boasts an alphabet-soup selection of SUV offerings, including the G, GLA, GLB, GLC, GLE and GLS. Most are wrapped in appropriately shapely bodies that befit a luxury marque's uptown wagon.

What a terrific day it was for a car show, Easter Sunday, 2021! One could not have asked for better weather, and the turnout of participants and visitors was fantastic!

It's no secret that four-door sedans don't get much love these days. The world is mad for crossover SUVs.

The Duster seen here is a 1973 model, decked out in Basin Street Blue, one of 16 colors on the Duster palette for 1973. Oh yes, about that headline reference to Kahoks Purple, if you are a resident of the near-east side, you’ll understand. The Kahoks is the name used by Collinsville High School for their athletic teams, and their colors are purple (just like the Duster in this story) and white.

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    When it comes to cars with umbilical cords, the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime makes a strong case that plug-in hybrids are way more real-world friendly than strictly electric cars.

    The weekend was here. It was late Friday night and I had yet to even consider what car would be the subject of the column you’re reading at this moment, and my deadline was 5 p.m. Monday! There had been a few cars that I had seen in the past few weeks that I could consider, but they all still required contacting owners, setting up appointments to meet with their cars and lengthy discussions before “putting pen to paper.” Sorry, that was the ‘olden days’ now I guess it’s “fingertips to the keyboard.”

    Ford has resurrected its storied Bronco SUV in two versions -- Bronco and Bronco Sport. Or, as we like to think of them, "Original Recipe" and "Bronco Lite."

    Okay, it wasn’t actually “F.O.R.D.” (found on road ‘driving’), but it was close. I spotted this handsome Ford Fairlane 500 convertible in the parking lot at Dorris Intermediate School in the Collinsville, Illinois Unit 10 School District, when I was picking up the kids after school for their end of day bus rides home. I’m not certain what is at work here, but these local area cars just seem to jump out at me as if to say “write a story about me for the Old Car Column!” So, here it is.

    People involved in the old car hobby long ago coined the now oft-used term ‘20-footer’, meaning a car that looks ‘pretty good’ from a distance of about twenty feet away. Twenty-footers are pretty common at most local cruises and shows... anything less than a concours d’élégance event. When I first set eyes on this 1952 Chevrolet pickup truck, it looked ‘pretty good’, perhaps even  a fifteen-footer or slightly better.

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