Sunny King players have seen Brad Williams around the course with partner Danny Smith. Their names have appeared near the top of a flight or two.

But Williams’ most visible contribution to Sunny King has come in the form of video screens showing leaderboards.

Williams, who had an extensive IT background before becoming vice president of operations for Auto Custom Carpets, has been a member of the tournament committee for 10 years and is credited with modernizing the event.

“About four or five years ago, we got to looking at how we were scoring,” he said. “It was all just manually done. All the courses would call the (Anniston) Country Club and report their scores throughout the day, and the pro at that time at the country club would just have papers all along a glass wall on the 19th hole.”

Williams set it up so that all three courses log in at with passwords and post scores as scorecards come in. The scores show on the website within a short time.

Scores are posted all day. They re-sort, and leaders change.

At Silver Lakes and Cider Ridge, organizers hook laptops up to TV screens. Flights automatically scroll.

Anniston Country Club has a large electronic scoreboard, which also receives data from the tournament website.

“The players really enjoy seeing their name up on the board,” Williams said. “Just the fact that we can instantly show everybody what their scores are (makes a difference). Before we kind of had all of this, the website wasn’t updated until 10 or 11 o’clock at night.”

Williams also ended the days where course workers manually filled out scorecards. With website data, scorecards are filled out for all locations with players’ names, handicaps, what holes on which they get strokes, and other information.

PROFILE: Brad Williams

Age: 44

Residence: Anniston

Occupation: Vice President of Operations for Auto Custom Carpets, Inc.

SKCC role: Member of the tournament committee for eight years, credited with modernization of the tournament. Has also played in the tournament for 10 years, partnering with Danny Smith.

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