Donoho’s Chris Carr knows how to go out in style.

Carr, who graduated last month, still recalls his final at-bat in his final home game as a Falcon. Donoho was playing Anniston.

“All I remember was there were bases loaded and I had just hit a home run in the game and coach looked at me and said. ‘Put it out there in the trees, get one big time for me Chris.’ It was my last at-bat,” Carr said. “I remember going up there I didn’t expect to hit it as hard as I did to almost put it on the road. I just wanted to get a base hit, but once the bat hit the ball, I knew it was gone.”

Those were just four runs in a 15-5 win, as Carr’s senior year was much more impressive as a whole. He batted .500 with three homers, 10 doubles and 25 RBIs as Donoho earned a spot in the Class 1A state playoffs. He also went 6-2 on the pitching mound.

Because of Carr’s accomplishments, he is The Anniston Star’s Calhoun County Class 1A-2A baseball player of the year.

“Chris is just an outstanding young man. He’s a super guy 24 hours a day. He can do anything,” Donoho head coach Sal Gardner said. “He’s got a great attitude and he’ll do anything you ask him to do. At practice, he practices just like it’s a game.”

Carr was standout in football, basketball and baseball at Donoho, making the first team for all-county in all three sports as a senior, but baseball has always been his favorite.

While football and basketball got going in fourth grade, Carr said he has been playing baseball since he was about 3.

“It was my first year and the first thing my dad introduced me to,” he said. “My dad is my role model, so I just look up to him, and his favorite sport is baseball, so naturally that made me want to be a baseball player.”

A signee with Kentucky Wesleyan, Carr has worked all of his high school career to be the best baseball player he can be.

“I worked a lot, from between my dad helping me, to go to Excel (Baseball Academy in Oxford), to learning at the high schools I transferred to,” said Carr, who transferred to Donoho before his ninth-grade year. “I came from White Plains and coach Chad Hudson molded me mentally and once I went to Excel, they really started getting repetition going. Then my dad just worked on getting my mental and physical strength higher.

“That’s came to be how I am right now.”

As for now, Carr is doing the workout that his coaches at Kentucky Wesleyan recommend for him.

“They don’t have a summer league, but they have workout to do. They can tell if you don’t do the workout, so I’ve been doing the workout,” Carr said. “They recommend you join a travel team, but if you don’t then they want you to do the workout and stay in shape and keep your repetition going. I’m going up there in July for team evaluation and I’ll sit down with the guys and meet the team then.

“I’m really excited. It’s going to be a big change, being the first to move away from my family. It’s going to be different being five hours away from home, but it’s going to be all right.”

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