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How do I create an account?

Click the sign-up button on the top right menu. You will be asked to supply a username, email and password. Click submit when done to finish creating the account.

How do I sign up for an online subscription?

Please click this link. On the next page, click the “Get Started” button located under the “Online Subscription” section. Enter your information and choose your rate.

What is included in the online subscription?

All online subscribers get full access to all of our websites, e-editions and mobile applications.

Print Subscriber: How much do I need to pay for access?

Anniston Star and Daily Home subscribers get free access to our websites and mobile applications. Simply verify the phone number attached to your print subscription account and you’re done.

Print Subscriber: How do I verify my subscription?

You will be greeted with a subscription box upon clicking on a story. Follow the prompts to log into your account or create one if necessary. You will arrive on our subscription page. Click the “Get Started” box in the section marked “Print Subscriber Access.” Enter your information and save.

Print Subscriber: I’m having difficulty verifying my account.

You can call our Online Specialist at 256-235-9253 or send an e-mail. Please include your name, phone number and email address with your submission.

Mobile Applications: What sign-in do I use to access contents on the apps?

Your annistonstar.com/dailyhome.com login will work for our mobile applications. It will verify that you are a subscriber and provide access.