The people listed in this arrest report, whose names and charges are obtained from public records, are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.


 The following felony arrests were reported by the Anniston Police Department (addresses not provided) during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.

  • Bobby Glenn Character, 52: second-degree theft.
  • Jesse Blake Snyder, 26: distribution of a controlled substance.

 Calhoun County

The following felony arrests were reported by the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.

  • William Christopher Sells Jr., 25, of Jacksonville: unlawful possession/receiving of a controlled substance.
  • Justice Nicole King, 19, of Anniston: failure to appear in court.
  • James Leonard Johnson, 47, of Anniston: failure to appear in court.
  • Anthony Gene Williams, 52, of Anniston: probation violation.
  • Nelson Laron Williams, bond revocation.
  • Rickie Lee Nesbit, 52, of Anniston: probation violation.
  • Caleb Robert Longwell, 20, of Anniston: probation violation. 


Crimes are listed by location. Anonymous tips may be called in to Crime Stoppers at 256-238-1414. A reward of up to $1,000 may be given.


The following property crimes were reported to the Anniston Police Department during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.


  • Residence, 200 block of West Front Street: laptop computer, game console, television. 


  • Residence, 2600 block of McKleroy Avenue: motorcycle.
  • Residence, 2100 block of Quintard Avenue: cash.

Calhoun County

 The following property crimes were reported to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.


  • Residence, Charlie Penny Road, Piedmont: lawn mower.
  • Residence, Roy Webb Road, Jacksonville: string trimmer, chainsaw.
  • Residence, Choccolocco Road, Anniston: semi-truck wheel.
  • Residence, Noah Valley Road, Wellington: stainless steel tank, photo enlarger, tree stands, ladder stand. 


  • Residence, Littlejohn Road, Jacksonville: compactor, hydraulic cylinders, electric motor, scrap metal, battery.
  • Residence, Littlejohn Road, Jacksonville: dumpster, hubs, wheel, scrap metal.
  • Construction site, Old Downing Mill Road, Anniston: construction equipment.
Auto-related thefts
  • Residence, Williams Road, Jacksonville: 2002 Ford Ranger.


  • Jason E. Callan and Donna Callan to Jayeshkumar G. Patel and Kajalben Patel, Park Village, phase 8, lot 12, $10.
  • Barbara Katherine Holmes-Estate to Jeffrey Shane Graves and Nicole Tierce Graves, Westwood, 1st addition, lot 6, $10.
  • U.S. Bank to William Howard Cavileer, a parcel of land in section 2, township 15, range 8, $10.
  • Gowan R. Embry and Phyllis M. Embry to Carol J. Atkins, Howle subdivision, block 2, lots 20 and 21, $1.
  • EverBank to Veterans Affairs, Golden Springs subdivision, 4th addition, lot 31, $500.
  • Kathy Jean Mann to Tina Thompson, a parcel of land in section 27, township 13, range 6, $10.
  • Gladys Cruise-Estate to Tabitha Spire and Michael Reaves, Frank Morris re-plat, lots 7 and 8, $10.
  • Jerry Lynn Hayes and Vickey L. Hayes to DPT LLC, Shady Glen Acres, lot 48, $10.
  • Emmie L. Flood and John Flood to Janice C. Trotter and James C. Trotter, Cheryl Ann subdivision, block 2, lots 15 and 15-A, $10.
  • Clifford Neal Lloyd and Elaine L. Lloyd to James L. Bynum II and Lilly J. Bynum, High Oaks subdivision, 5th addition, block 3, lot 6, $10.
  • W. Charles Strickland and Phoebe M. Strickland to Aniceto N. Zavala and Irma Zavala, a parcel of land in section 30, township 16, range 8, $10.
  • Steven Wayne McNeeley and Mary Ann McNeeley to Kanda H. Floyd and Christopher L. Floyd, Overbrook Forest subdivision, lot 4, $10.
  • MAICO LLC to Wendall Scott Nelson and Debra B. Nelson, Overbrooke Ridge subdivision, lot 3, $10.
  • Robert M. Hardegree and Patricia Hardegree to Jason Green and Christan Green, Mountainview subdivision, phase 4, lot 148, $10.
  • Charles H. Hill Jr. to Gwendolyn C. Howell, Jacksonville Mining & Manufacturing Co., block 373, lots 15 and 16, $10.
  • Michael Chad Fuller and Amanda Kay Fuller to Karen S. Tumbling and Tyrone C. Tumbling, Weaver North subdivision, block C, lot 19, $10.
  • Jerry Paul Bender and Kristy Gerogeann Bender to Phillip C. Mitchell and Kristie M. Mitchell, Cider Ridge subdivision, phase 1 reassessment, block CS, lot 14 CS, $287,000.
  • Phillip Gaddy to James L. Hill and Sheron K. Hill, a parcel of land in section 21, township 12, range 10, $10.
  • Dennis J. Cody and Loretta E. Cody to Emmie L. Flood and John E. Flood, Stallworth subdivision, 2nd addition, block 5, lot 5, $10.
  • Houston Jenkins Shane Whitehead and Tina Whitehead, Dogwood Acres subdivision, lots 5 and 7, $13,000.
  • Cal Pac Development to Christopher Dwight Hare, a parcel of land in section 23, township 14, range 8, $10.
  • Doris Moncrief Bain to Lindsay Bain and Erica Bain, E.L. Hollingsworth addition to Blue Mountain, 2nd section, block 12, lots 9 and 10, $10.
  • William Summerville to Selena Brown, E.L. Hollingsworth addition to  Blue Mountain, block 12, lots 7 and 8, $10.
  • Clearvue Opportunity XV LLC to Danny H. Straily Jr. and Sheila M. Straily, a parcel of land in section 34, township 13, range 7, $108,000.
  • Jerry F. Nance and Patsy Nance to William R. Goble, a parcel of land in section 28, township 14,range6, $6,000.
  • James Donald Eubanks and Lynda Jean Autry Eubanks to Jerry Ladon Eubanks and Donna J. Eubanks Tucker, Piedmont Land & Improvement Co., block 95, lots 19-22, $10.
  • James Donald Eubanks and Lynda Jean Autry Eubanks to Donna J. Eubanks Tucker and Jerry Ladon Eubanks, Piedmont Land & Improvement Co., block 95, lots 15-18, $10.
  • Sandra B. Norton to Dustin R. Benitez and Christy A. Benitez, a parcel of land in section 33, township 14, range 7, $10.
  • Joe Whitman and Margie Whitman to Charles Meek, a parcel of land addressed 1623 Coleman Road, Oxford, $100.
  • Willie M. Crook and Rita F. Crook to Brian Badgett LLC, a parcel of land in section 26, township 14, range 7, $100.
  • Edwin Quinones Madera and Esmeralda Medina to Edwin Quinones and Esmeralda Medina, Gunnell’s addition to Oxford, block E, lots 4 and 5, $0.
  • Ronald M. Baker and Carla Y. Hicks to Brenda Donner, Jacksonville Mining & Manufacturing Co., block 397, lots1-3, $10.
  • Joan H. Collins and Phillip J. Collins to Joan H. Collins, a parcel of land in section 11, township 15, range7, $10.
  • Billie Buchanan and Steven Bryant Buchanan to Steven Bryant Buchanan, a parcel of land in section 15, township 16, range 9, $1.
  • Matthew Wayne Richards and Brandon S. Arnold to Myrick Chumbler and Angel Adams, Glencoe subdivision, lot 20, $10.
  • Susan M. Smith to Rogelia Morales-Perez, a parcel of land in section 36, township 15, range 7, $5,000.
  • Roberta Sue Allen to Jon Wayne Schiedel, Idlewild subdivision, lot 12, $10.
  • Kenney Gortney to Joshua Adam Gortney, Xavier Vaughn Gortney and Kyra Elizabeth Gortney, a parcel of land in section 10, township 16, range7, $10.
  • Kenney D. Gortney to Kris Vondale Gortney, Laney subdivision, lots 14 and 15, $10.
  • Embrace Home Loans Inc. to Housing & Urban Development, Timbercrest subdivision, lot 11.
  • Jeffrey Scott Kelley and Dana L. Kelley to Karrie Ingle, a parcel of land in section 12, township 13, range 9, $10.
  • Rose Dothard to David Scott Dothard and Jennifer C. Dothard, a parcel of land in section 4, township 14, range 9, $10.
  • Lisa Miller and David Pitts to Wayne Boyd and Cheryl Boyd, a parcel of land in section 32, township 14, Range 8, $10.
  • Kimberly Miller to Tonya Powers, a parcel of land in section 30, township 16, range 7.
  • Jason Covalli to Kevin A. Reid, High Oaks subdivision, 3rd addition, lot 42, $10.
  • DavidPugh and Sandra Pugh to David Pugh, Crow Farm, lot 7A, $1.
  • Millard Chester Champion Jr., Christopher D. Champion and Melody Sue Chiodo to Harold W. Presson, a parcel of land in section 20, township 16, range 7, $10.
  • McClellan Development Authority to Medi Klean LLC, a parcel of land in section 15, township 15, range 8, $10.
  • Freddie Mac to Lyndsey Mullins, Pebble Creek, 1st addition, lot 16, $88,000.
  • Robert W. Benson and Christine M. Benson to Nathan R. Hubbard, a parcel of land in section 7, township 14, range 8, $85,000.
  • Grace A. Brooks to Sidney P. Echols, a parcel of land in section 28, township 14, range 6, $10.
  • Linda C. Johnson to Jeffery Lynn Goodwin and Kellie Goodwin, a parcel of land in section 7, township 14, range 8, $10.
  • Peyton Properties LLC to Emerald Homes of Alabama LLC, a parcel of land in section4, township15, range 7, $10.
  • Fannie Mae to William L. Langley and Jessica E. Langley, Briarwood Estates, lot 13, $61,300.
  • Blue Mountain Homes LLC to Veronica M. Cockerham, Whispering Oaks subdivision, lot 25, $99,900.
  • On The Ball LLC to Lee Roberts and Nora Jodie Roberts, a parcel of land in section 20, township 15, range 9, $10.
  • On the Ball LLC to Lee Roberts and Nora Jodie Roberts, a parcel of land in sections 20/21, township 15, range 9, $10.
  • Housing & Urban Development to Jayne Hart, Phoenix Hills Estates, lot 1, $21,600.
  • Joanne D. Egbert and George L. Egbert Jr. to Kelly M. Ford, Stoney Brook subdivision, 1st addition, block 4, lot 17, $10.
  • Mescal Ann Theobald-Estate to Thomas Owen, a parcel of land in section 29, township 15, range 6, $10.
  • Sue L. Bowman to Paul Hammond, Indian Oaks Estates, section 3, lot 134, $10.
  • William S. Halsey III and Caron Halsey Hess to Sean Altair Mach and Tracey Renee Mach, Lake Louise subdivision, section 2, block 1, lots 12 and 13, $10. 


  • Michael W. Lake and Lynn Lake, Piedmont Land & Improvement Co., block 63, lots 11 and 12.
  • James Earnest Aleccia and Kerry M. Aleccia, Scenic Heights subdivision, block A, lots 10 and 11.
  • Roger Flint and Beverly Flint, Tyler Park, block 4, lot 11.
  • Thomas H. Rusk and Linda S. Rusk, a parcel of land in section 25, township 15, range 7.
  • Linda G. Cofield, a parcel of land in section 15, township 16, range 7.
  • Tommi Lou Angel and Donald Angel, a parcel of land in section 1, township 16, range 9.
  • Irma J. Somraty, a parcel of land in section 18, township 15, range 8.
  • Heather L. Brinson and Phillip Brinson Jr., Carriage Hills subdivision, block1, lot 4.


  • Lawton D. Brown
  • Guy D. Nelson
  • Audrey Hosey


  • Christian Matthew Hauser of Jacksonville to Hannah Marie Bynum of Piedmont
  • Cortney Darrell Medley of Anniston to Johnna Deann Bailey of Anniston
  • Luis Manuel Rosas Gutierrez of Oxford to Laura Cristina Becerra Luevano of Oxford
  • Dale Ray Brewer of Heflin to Jessica Marie Lepore of Heflin
  • Willard Leon Bradley Jr. of Weaver to Sandra Harper Harris of Jacksonville
  • Joshua Pascal Cofield of Piedmont to Heather Nicole Cordell of Piedmont
  • Anthjuan Randell Bowens of Anniston to Tiffany Neshay McCain of Anniston
  • Buddy Dewayne Hansford of Ohatchee to Mary Elizabeth Steele of Ohatchee
  • Michael Luis Garcia of Anniston to Brittney Lauren Kingery of Anniston
  • Stevie Lee Daniel II of Weaver to Brandi Michelle Smith of Weaver


  • William M. Barnes II and Derica Summer Barnes
  • Brandi M. Coleman and Marcus D. Coleman
  • Gary W. Little and Mary E. Little
  • Reginald Jones and Valerie R. Jones
  • Rob Turley and Crystal Turley
  • Miriam Valencia Shelton and Tomas Robert Shelton
  • Kelley Renae Buchanan and Jason Kristopher Buchanan
  • Keisha Lynn Brown and Barry James Brown
  • Curtis Moss and Patricia Moss
  • Brittany Rachelle Freeland and Rodney Lenor Freeland
  • Steven Bryant Buchanan and Billie Jo Buchanan
  • Roger Allen Measles and Lydia Lorraine Measles
  • Melisa Houston and Christopher Houston
  • Detric Reshaun James and Debra Leighann James
  • Mary Garrett Watkins and Charles P. Watkins Jr.
  • Whitney B. Jackson and Jeremy S. Jackson
  • Stacy Nicole Gilstrap and Hollis Jay Gilstrap
  • Codena Yon and Ronald Yon
  • Barbara Ficklen and Wesley Ficklen


Here are food service establishments recently inspected by the Calhoun County Health Department, along with scores. A score of 100 indicates the inspector found no Deficiencies. Potentially hazardous deficiencies (four- or five-point demerit items) are noted. These must be corrected immediately and inspectors say they are often corrected while the inspection is underway. Restaurants earning below 70 must raise their scores within seven days or face closure.


  • Waffle House, 1530 Quintard Ave., Anniston - 88, approved food safety course certificate required.


  • Ambitions, 1800 S. Quintard Ave., Anniston - 99.
  • Annie’s Town Mart, 720 Quintard Ave., Anniston - 98.
  • Anniston Inn & Suites, 6220 McClellan Blvd., Anniston - 97.
  • Discount Food Mart, 1513 Greenbrier Road, Anniston - 97.
  • Mi Casita Express, 81 Big Valley Drive, S., Alexandria - 96.
  • Sollohub Justice Center - 99.
  • Sunshine Skate Center, 130 Elm St., Oxford - 100.
  • Wellborn High School (Summer Feeding Program) - 100.


  • Vision Networking LLC
  • Dragons Lair LLC
  • MM Kline Services LLC
  • Capstone Environmental Inc.
  • CDL Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair LLC
  • Dynasty Country Kitchen LLC
  • Piper’s Rescue Inc.
  • Judy K. Potts LLC


  • Southern Investigational Services LLC


The following bankruptcies declared by Calhoun County residents were recorded by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Alabama last week.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor to retain certain exempt property, but the debtor’s remaining property is gathered and sold by a trustee from which creditors will receive payment.It may also be used by businesses which wish to terminate their business.

  • Shelia C. Muse, Hollingsworth Road, Jacksonville
  • Kasey J. Luallen, US 431, Alexandria

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables debtors, through court supervision and protection, to propose and carry out a repayment plan under which creditors are paid, in full or in part, in installments over a three-year period. During that time, debtors are prohibited from starting or continuing collection efforts.

  • Mary Young, Chestnut Avenue, Anniston
  • Tommy O. Hayes Sr., Virginia Avenue, Anniston
  • Patricia Kirby, West 49th Street, Anniston
  • James Coleman, AL 9, Anniston
  • Warren Patterson, Rose Avenue, Oxford


Here is the livestock market report for the Tuesday sale.

Receipts for this week 852 compared to 910 last week. Receipts a year ago 976.

Feeder Classes:

Bulls and steers (Medium and Large No. 1 and No. 2): 200-300 lbs. 295.00-375.00; 300-400 lbs. 275.00 to 350.00; 400-500 lbs.

232.00 to 265.00; 500-600 lbs. 210.00 to 242.50; 600-700 lbs. 175.00-220.00.

Heifers (Medium and Large No. 1 and No. 2): 200-300 lbs. 250.00 to 285.00; 300-400 lbs. 235.00 to 265.00;

400-500 lbs. 217.00 to 240.00; 500-600 lbs. 205.00 to 225.00; 600-700 lbs. 180.00 to 210.00.

Slaughter Classes:

Cows: Breakers 93.00 to 107.00; Boners 98.00 to 107.00; Lean 93.00 to 100.00.

Bulls: Normal Dressing 54-58% 115.00 to 119.00; High Dressing > 58% 121.00-128.00; Low Dressing <54% 110.00-114.00. 


  • Jesus Mario Aguilar, Jacksonville
  • David Alexander Ballard, Alexandria
  • Martha Ann Banks Horn, Oxford
  • Heather Hood Barthel, Jacksonville
  • Debra Carlisle Burney, Lineville
  • Henry Cameron, Detroit
  • Peggy Joyce Rich Cherry, Weaver
  • Brandon Lynn Cushing, Heflin
  • Pauline Collins Davis, Durham, N.C.
  • Joe Edward Evans, Anniston
  • Nadine Kelley Herren, Heflin
  • Handley “Bud” Hudson, Five Points
  • William “Jr” Jenkins, Heflin
  • Arlena Kay Kiesewetter, Cedar Bluff
  • Douglas J. Kirby, Weaver
  • Agnes Ann Knight, Roanoke
  • Infant Levi Conner Lane, Piedmont
  • Geneva Martin, Anniston
  • William C. McPherson, Jacksonville
  • Exie Ingram Miller, Anniston
  • Herschel Floyd Morgan, Boonville, Miss.
  • Margalene Baker Morris, Ashland
  • Alice Weaver Owen, Anniston
  • Frankie L. Owens Sr., Roanoke
  • Kermit Patterson, Woodland
  • Bradie Prothro, Anniston
  • Laura Lee Reaves, Anniston
  • Georgette Robertson, Wellington
  • Margie Duncan Robertson, Collinsville
  • Mary Robinson, Wellborn
  • Joan T. Rollins, Heflin
  • James W. Smith, Oxford
  • Roger Bernard Sullivan, Anniston
  • Clarence Swain, Piedmont
  • Dorothy “Dot” Thomas, Oxford
  • Otis Thomas, Lincoln
  • Rosie Lee Threat, Anniston
  • LouElla Tucker Traylor, Gadsden
  • Travis Lamar Turner, Anniston
  • Cary L. Wilkins, Heflin
  • Naufley Lewis Twymon Wilson, Anniston
  • Guinda Nell Wright, Heflin
  • Kathleen Sellers Wyatt, Anniston
  • Glen David Young, Anniston
  • Joseph Anthony Zicarelli, Anniston