Here are some notes for Friday night at Cedartown:

  1. Kickoff for our game vs. Rockmart is at 4:30 Alabama Time
  2. We will wear white as the visiting team; however, we will sit on the Cedartown home side of the stadium. Our fans will be looking directly into the sun for the entire game – so sunglasses are encouraged. The bleachers are concrete bleachers. I noticed last week that several Cedartown fans actually brought lawn chairs and sat on them in the bleachers. The Cedartown reserved seat section will not be open for our fans.
  3. Parking will be tough. The best parking (right beside the school and the main entrance to the stadium) is their booster club parking and will not be available for us to use. Parking will be available once you turn onto the campus between the road and field house or in the lot on the right as you start up the hill.
  4. We have 200 tickets to sell in advance to help with the expected long lines at the gate. (I was at the Cedartown/Rockmart game last Friday and the line was some 200 yards long meaning those folks got into the stadium in the 2nd qtr.) Those tickets will be available on a FIRST PAID, FIRST SERVED basis tonight (Tuesday) at the Doghouse from 6:00-7:00. I will be the one selling the tickets after practice today. There will be a LIMIT OF 10 per person on those advance tickets tonight to try to serve everyone. The cost of these tickets will be $10 each and will provide admission to both games that night. Please don’t call today and ask for me to hold tickets for you – I don’t plan on dealing with tickets until after we finish practice.
  5. Pass Admission will be like the playoffs. Cedartown will honor AHSAA Passes, but they will not honor Piedmont City Schools Passes or Booster Passes.
  6. NO Pep Rally this week. The team will leave campus during 7th period.


Coach Smith