On his official recruiting visit to Jacksonville State last weekend, Piedmont offensive tackle Mason Langley told the JSU coaches he had decided to become a Gamecock – and did it in a unique way. Saturday, all the recruits went to the field house where they got to try on jerseys and have photos made.

When it came time for Langley’s photos, “I had a board with me and I wrote on the board, ‘You’ll see me in the Ville. (hashtag) 256.’ That’s pretty much how I did it,” Langley recalled Tuesday morning.

Langley, who was recently named a first-team member of the Alabama Sports Writers Association’s Class 3A all-state team, said he developed a checklist of questions as he considered potential college choices.

“It’s really a pretty big hassle deciding,” he said. “Do I want to stay home? Do I want to get away? What programs will fit me best? Will the coaches actually care about me? That sort of thing.”

JSU offensive coordinator Jimmy Ogle and offensive line coach Kevin Revis were Langley’s primary contacts in the recruiting process. When it came time to make a decision, Ogle and Revis had seen to it that Jacksonville State had all positive checks on Langley’s checklist.

“It was like I was at home and I felt I would fit in pretty well there,” Langley said.

Then he added, “Through the recruiting process I developed a relationship with all the coaches and players. It being close to home, that was a big factor as well. That’s what I decided I wanted to do, stay home.”                                                   

Langley was an offensive tackle at Piedmont and expects to remain an offensive lineman at Jacksonville State but it’s likely he’ll change positions to become a guard or a center.

“Guard, center, possibly tackle – depends on what weight I’m going to be at, what weight they want me to be at and how well I’m moving at that certain weight but more than likely guard and center,” he said of his position options.

Whatever position he plays, Langley plans to spend the remainder of his time at Piedmont working on becoming stronger in order to make the best possible impression when he arrives at JSU. His ultimate goal is to play as a freshman.

“I’m ready to start the grind, try to go in there and make an impact like I did at Piedmont,” he said.