Piedmont’s newest restaurant, Diva’s Greenfield Diner, received its start in North Chicago, where its owner, Terri Morris-Tucker, grew up.

Morris-Tucker has many fond memories of North Chicago, especially Greenfield Avenue, where her grandparents lived.

“Everything was better on Greenfield,” said Morris-Tucker. “That’s what we all would say. We spent a lot of time with my grandparents. They were such a big influence in our lives. They taught us about responsibility, being respectful and being conservative with our money. Life was always good on Greenfield.”

She said her grandparents were supporters of dreams. Morris-Tucker has had many dreams in her life, one of which was to open her own restaurant.

Morris-Tucker grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Her relatives had restaurants, bakeries and a restaurant supply business. She was always a part of that. When she grew older, she left the family to do other work. For a while, she worked in a parole office in Illinois and was also a legislative assistant.

“Most of my background is legal,” said Morris-Tucker. “I’m one of those frustrated legal people who just wanted to cook all the time, but I always ended up in an office somewhere.”

Morris-Tucker, of Anniston, has three children. Her four grandchildren gave her the name Diva.

“Diva is my grandmamma name,” she said. “It’s kind of like saying Granny’s Diner.”

Diva’s Greenfield Diner, formerly Tweeners, is at 6250 Old Piedmont Highway, across from Thompson Funeral Home. It’s open every day from 11 a.m.-8 p.m., except Monday, when it’s closed. The restaurant has 10 employees.

Morris-Tucker said her restaurant serves home cooked meals prepared by its chef Jonathan Reddick.

“I’m actually more of a baker,” said Morris-Tucker. “I’ll be the one doing the pound cakes and cobblers and those things. Jonathan is a great chef.”

Morris-Tucker also has charge of the concession stand at Piedmont Aquatic Center.

“Actually, the concession is going very well,” she said. “The people at the pool seem to be happy. We’re just hoping that the response from the restaurant will be the same. We’re thrilled to be here in Piedmont. We’re looking forward to serving the people of Piedmont, and we hope they’re glad we’re here. We’re looking forward to being here a long time.”

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