Kenneth Doss attended five different schools in fifth and sixth grades. That’s helped him go through life never meeting a stranger.

“My dad was in construction back then, and we went where the money was,” he said.

Doss said moving around so often bothered him at first, but he became used to and now believes it helped him become the person he is.

“I started school at Roy Webb Elementary, just a small country school, then we moved from there to Phoenix, Ariz.,” said Doss. “We went from a country school to a big city school. It was a culture shock, but I survived.”

The family finally settled in Piedmont. In 10th grade, they moved to Jacksonville and Doss graduated from Jacksonville High School.

His siblings are Hilda Parris and Myra Williams of Jacksonville and John David Doss and April Robinson of Piedmont. His parents are the late Carter and Sarah (Ingram) Doss.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that God did not put me on this earth to be a mama,” said Doss. “I’ve had custody of my kids since ’05, and I love being a daddy, there’s nothing better in the world, but there’s a special place for a mama.”

His children attend Piedmont schools. Daughter Kenli, named after her dad, is in 10th grade. Son Kaden, 13, is in eighth grade.

Doss and his children are members of Extended Hand Church in Piedmont.

Doss was hired as athletic director of the parks and recreation department in Piedmont two months ago. Prior to that, he was self-employed in construction.

“I don’t think I ever stopped working in construction from the first time my daddy put a hammer in my hand when I was 5 years old,” said Doss. “I’ve done other things, but I always did construction.”

As athletic director Doss sets up, regulates and oversees all sports in the City of Piedmont.

Doss has been involved with sports his entire life, so he feels that being athletic director is the perfect job for him. For 10 years, he coached Dixie Youth and Dixie Boys in baseball and softball in Piedmont. He’s currently assistant director in District 8 for Dixie Baseball.

“I love working in sports,” said Doss. “It’s quite possible that, other than being a daddy, this’s the reason I was put on earth. I’m passionate about children and sports. This is perfect for me.”

Something else passionate to Doss is an organization called HOPE – Helping Other People Excel.

HOPE isn’t off the ground yet. He, Joe Spivey and Coach Steve Smith came up with the idea to help boys who don’t have fathers in their lives.

“We’ve been trying to get it going for two years,” said Doss. “It’s a mentorship for little boys who don’t have daddies. When it was first brought to my attention how many little boys in Piedmont don’t have daddies in their lives, I was just amazed. We’ve just had a lack of participation. As soon as this season is over, I’m going to jump on that again and try to get it established.”

Doss enjoys fishing and he likes to fish and camp with his children.

“All my extra time is spent with them,” he said.

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