In the latest travesty involving Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, a disciplinary court suspended him for the rest of his term. The values of this kangaroo court seem radically twisted.

If the U.S. Supreme Court abused its power and ruled that blacks were inferior to whites, would this kangaroo court just go along with that ridiculous decision? Would it punish “civilly disobedient” justices who tried to fight it?

The bizarre decision by five Supreme Court justices to impose so-called “gay marriage” on this country is a decision that should be opposed.

We collectively need to tell the five wayward Supreme Court justices who abused their power and forced this nonsense on us to, essentially, “take a hike.” This country should not only ignore their irrational decision but also demand they resign. They are an embarrassment.

This country needs to rise up against the liberals who believe it’s okay to discriminate against and make criminals out of decent, moral people. This corruption and these twisted, liberal prejudices need to be vigorously opposed.

Wayne Lela

Downers Grove, Ill.