Re “The money Alabama is leaving behind” (Phillip Tutor column, July 27) and “Living the mayor’s life in Ohatchee” (July 20):

I am so happy that The Star’s Phillip Tutor finally found something he likes.

Tutor wants to raise our taxes. He thinks that intrusion into Alabama’s affairs by the federal government is a good thing. He doesn’t like our popular governor, our president, our attorney general, our senior U.S. senator or our hometown congressman. He doesn’t like our public schools. Because Tutor dislikes so many things about Alabama, I’m not sure why he chooses to remain here.

However, I was thrilled to read that in one of my two hometowns, Tutor has finally found something he likes. He interviewed Steve Baswell, the mayor of Ohatchee, and actually wrote something positive. There are many things for the fine people of Ohatchee to be proud of, just as there is a great abundance of things for the people of Alabama to be proud of.

Thank you, Mr. Tutor, for recognizing the good things about Ohatchee and our affable mayor. Now I would suggest that you recognize what real Alabamians already know — that Alabama is home to the greatest people who have ever trod the earth, and we take a back seat to no one.

Robert Smith