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Letter to the editor: Who benefits from the attack in Syria?

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What was the motivation for Syria to use nonexistent chemical weapons (the U.N. verified destruction of its inventory in 2013) against civilians? President Assad may not be at the top of your guest list, but the man is not insane. The key question here is “who benefits?” Certainly not Syria.

No one knows where the chemicals came from because no one cared enough about justice to establish guilt before inflicting punishment. The U.S. military command in Syria knew of the attack and the target beforehand because the Russians informed them.

According to an op-ed written by Col. W. Patrick Lang, a retired senior officer of U.S. military intelligence, the attack by Syrian warplanes produced no secondary explosions but was followed by clouds of chemical smoke. Apparently, the militants stored chemicals such as organic phosphates and chlorine at the site. A strong wind carried the deadly cloud to a nearby village where people died. No sarin was ever present.

When President Trump blubbers that little children were killed in this attack, I gag at the hypocrisy. Where he’s been for 16 years? American warplanes bombed a Mosul neighborhood recently. We don’t know how many innocent children were killed because we can’t figure out how many body parts equal one body. How many children, women, old people and innocent victims have been obliterated by our military since the beginning of the “war on terror?”

Americans need to wake up before these idiots start a war they can’t manage. Russia is no Iraq or Panama or Grenada. Start a war with Russia and you’d better get ready for the ultimate reality show. Your “leaders” won’t protect you because they’ll be hunkered down in the nearest four-star bunker. Your expensive military won’t protect you. They couldn’t prevent 19 guys armed with box cutters from killing over 3,000 human beings on 9/11.

So who benefits? Israel benefits. Israel’s neocon fifth column benefits. Weapons manufacturers benefit. The same al-Qaida that “attacked” America on 9/11 benefits because the United States becomes its ally against President Assad. The one suspect who does not benefit is Assad. How long will Americans allow a criminal cabal to use this country to promote an agenda that threatens the security and well-being not only of every American but of every person on this planet?

Dan Hayes