Re “Anniston City Council considers giving animal control officer authority to fine lawbreakers” (News article, Feb. 20):

My friends and neighbors would like to thank the Anniston City Council for trying to give animal control some teeth. Far too long have pets been ignored, or at least been left on the periphery.

I cringed three times on my trip to Cullman a couple of weeks ago as I saw dogs near the highway, and I had seen at least two dog carcasses, which brought tears to my eyes.

People, love your animals or give them to some loving family who will integrate them into their daily lives; otherwise, I do not see the point in having creatures that only want love and acceptance and the joy of being with their people.

Cats and dogs deserve love and care, just like children do. Those responsible for their well-being are just that: responsible. Please have your pets spayed or neutered. Thank you again, council. God bless y’all.

Otis Hunter