U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers sneaks home every week, but rarely schedules public town hall meetings with the voters of the 3rd Congressional District. He meets with a few small, select groups of people who will not question or criticize his actions and policy. The election is in November, but he is running scared of the people and the issues they want to discuss. He takes the voters for granted.

The election this year will be different. Democrat Mallory Hagan, from Opelika, is carrying a robust campaign to the people, something Rogers refuses to do. Rogers has refused to debate Hagan in an open forum. He also has shown a lack of knowledge on issues affecting his constituents, such as the effects of hospital closings and loss of health care in the district.

Rep. Rogers, what are you afraid of? Come out from wherever you are and show voters you are not running scared, that you are not taking us for granted, that you care about us and the issues that affect us.

Third District voters, you have a choice with someone who is not scared and will represent your wishes and needs in Washington. Mallory Hagan will meet with you and discuss the issues affecting this district. In November, vote Rogers out of office and reclaim your district with someone who will truly represent you — Mallory Hagan.

Amos L. Kirkpatrick