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Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa drops back to pass. The Alabama Crimson Tide played the Georgia Bulldogs for the CFP National Championship Monday inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Alabama won the game 26-23 in OT. (Photo by Trent Penny/The Anniston Star)

Phillip Tutor’s well-written column (“Tua’s prayers for peace,” Jan. 12) is an interesting insight about the young evangelical quarterback of the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. Yet, it missed the central ethical standard for the Evangel: repentance from sin and faith alone in the Savior (Mark 1:14, 15).

In the column, Alabamian Christianity’s sin is described in selective moralistic ways, that is, naming certain sins, but not all. Such moralism is different than the Gospel. Moralism points to some human behaviors while the Gospel denounces all sinful human behavior as morally flawed and in need of total reformation. The Gospel calls repentance from all human sins and for faith alone in the works and merits of Jesus Christ.

Political selective moralism, as demonstrated by the all-revealing Scripture of the liberal left, The Washington Post, waits for the campaign season to denounce the sins of its political opponent. Added to this is the fake moral outrage of abortionists condemning fornicators.

While Alabamians waited for Judge Roy Moore to publicly own his sins, the confession was not forthcoming and he lost the election. More seriously, he failed the evangelical litmus test: repentance and faith alone.

If The Star is going to play the role of high priest for Anniston and selectively list some of the sins to score political points, it should also mention how it repented of its own. One of my sins is reading the liberal Anniston Star and enjoying some of its articles.

By the way, if I were playing quarterback against the Georgia monstrous front line, like Tua Tagovailoa, I would also probably speak in tongues in search of peace and protection, even though my theology is Presbyterian.

Cornelius (Neal) Hegeman