Anniston City Council Swearing-In Ceremony

Swearing-In ceremony for the Anniston City Council at Zinn Park Monday morning. Anniston city council member Ben Little. Photo by Bill Wilson / The Anniston Star

Re “A Little to gain” (Phillip Tutor column, May 12):

The Star’s Phillip Tutor gave the reader very interesting and meticulous juicy details about the Anniston City Council’s discussion about McClellan, the former army post. The headline was a pun on Councilman Ben Little’s name. I wonder if the use of the term “reverend” was also used as a pun?

It was not used in its capitalized form, which is more common for those familiar with the term. Also, near the end of the article, Tutor managed to drag in the name of our honorable President Trump by stating, “It’s Trumpian. It’s about winning. Nothing more.”

I thought I finally was going to get through an Anniston Star commentary where our president is not mentioned in a derogatory and cowardly way, where he or his supporters are not given a chance to defend themselves in their own words. Journalism used to be giving both sides of the story, even if they were speaking about the Russians.

Well, let me join the Democratic anti-clerical, anti-communist bandwagon and conclude, “It’s Tutorial, it’s all about wining (not winning) and has nothing to do with journalism that is winsome.” Phillip, you can do a little better.

The Rev. Cornelius (Neal) Hegeman