Re “Anniston Star to cease print edition on Tuesdays” (News article, Feb. 1):

As it stands, The Anniston Star is already not published on Monday. So, beginning in March, there will be two days straight that the paper is not printed.

The Star states that the paper will be available online. Has The Star ever considered that there are elderly people who do not have a computer, let alone know how to use one?

What about the obituaries? Again, if a person doesn’t have access to a computer or is computer illiterate, they will miss out on funerals.

What about crossword puzzles? I went online to print out a puzzle to see how it would work. The whole newspaper page prints. You say your newsprint cost has increased 10 percent. Well, computer paper and ink have increased, also.

Will we be getting Monday’s and Tuesday’s old news published on Wednesday? How did The Star determine that Tuesday papers are not read? Was a survey conducted? If a paid subscriber paid for the paper, then one can assume that it was read.

Charles Reese