Re “The core principles of journalism”(Editorial, Aug. 16):

The Anniston Star’s continued defense of the value of journalism is demeaning to the very institution you defend. Yes, a free press is vital to democracy, but with great power comes great responsibility, and your profession has badly betrayed the trust many place in it, especially those ignorant readers who don’t look beyond the headlines.

The intentional slant of the left-wing media has inflamed false racial tension in our nation: i.e., CNN making it appear George Zimmerman offered “he’s black” rather than that the 911 operator asked if he was black; and that the Ferguson victim had his hands up when shot, based on the statement of his cohort, and discredited by witnesses.

Fake news isn’t new. In the 1980s, teachers unions initiated a national bill to require certification for all teachers, including homeschooling parents. The left fought hard to maintain the right to force leftist indoctrination and ignorance on our children. The press tried to make a good, fake-news fight, but in the largest voter response of “calling your congressman” in U.S. history, the measure was almost unanimously voted down. The fake news headline: “Homeschoolers had nothing to worry about.” Yeah, thanks to extreme political pressure.

Today’s climate of fake news is not really about an egoistic president’s braggadocio, which they wave as their flag of relevance, but about their effort to unseat a duly elected president they don’t like because he has exposed their hypocrisy.

Where are the even-handed headlines about his successes? Buried or non-existent.

Carl Neumann