Re “Calhoun County school board OKs raises for four principals” (News article, Jan. 26):

Behind every “rock star” is a multitude of hard workers that never have the opportunity to enjoy the spotlight. Where would the star be without their roadies, back-up singers, musicians, ticket sellers, make-up artists, producers or fans?

Calhoun County Superintendent Joe Dyar said in The Star: “When I recommend someone (for a raise), I do so because I think they deserve it ... Not everyone gets one, but all of these people are rock stars and I thought the raises were appropriate.”

Did Dyar or the Board of Education consider how it made the rest of the employees they represent feel? The custodians, aides, lunchroom workers, school secretaries, nurses, teachers and more work very hard to make these rock stars shine. It takes more than a selected few to educate, care, feed and guide the students. Fortunately, many of these back-up singers and roadies are humble and patient. We wait for our turn to be rewarded with a raise and for our superintendent to feel we also deserve center stage.

Thank you to Board Member Tobi Burt for voting against the raises and saying he wouldn’t unless all employees were “taken care of.” He stood tall defending all of the behind-the-stage employees.

C.W. Jones