Re “Bill would allow Bible into Alabama schools, though it’s already there” (News article, Jan. 26):

I was excited to see The Star’s article regarding the Bible being taught in Calhoun County and other Alabama schools. It also noted that a bill has been introduced that would allow teachers to use the Bible as part of a course on religious history or literature. Some may ask, “Would this be a positive thing for our students?”

When the Bible has been pushed out of our society, it becomes evident that our children suffer the most. The morality and safety of our kids are forever on the minds of parents as we view horrific tragedies happening in schools. They are crying out for the Bible to return, for morals to be taught and for our children to be safe.

I can tell you of one parent who took action over 10 years ago to call the Bible back to school. My husband, Phil Murphy, upon election to the Calhoun County Board of Education in 2006, stood before the Alabama State Board of Education and requested Bible in history and literature curriculum be approved as an elective course. It was approved. Since then, Phil has informed school boards in Alabama that this was now legal for their schools. Almost 500 Alabama students this year sit in Bible classes by their own choice to study this great book.

Phil is running for his third term on the county board and will again give effort to make sure our children are safe, get the best education and the Bible does not leave again. Remember him on your ballot in June. As his wife of 44 years, I am confident he will work to insure your children are safe, well-educated and can choose the Bible as one of their textbooks.

Nan Murphy