Re “If you attack the NRA, you’re attacking Americans” (Marc A. Thiessen column, March 1):

As a frequent critic of the editorial slant in The Star, I was very proud of the column by Marc Thiessen and the fact that The Star published it.

The National Rifle Association is not the culprit, and I doubt any elected official is swayed by contributions of this lobbying body. Candidates who are supported by the NRA are supported because they have already taken a stance to support the Constitution, not rewrite it.

The left is again trying to manipulate a knee-jerk reaction to a shooting attack. Passing new laws will only affect the law-abiding while skirting the real issue of failure of systems and laws in place.

The Second Amendment is not about protecting the rights of hunters, home defenders or shooting aficionados, it is about a nation deterring tyranny.

Thank you for representing a truth that shows another side of an issue.

Carl Neumann