I am a baby boomer. So I was about 7 when a story from the 6 o’clock news became the first TV show to give me nightmares.

It seems there was a young man, about 20, who hated living behind a wall (in Germany) so he tried to escape and paid the ultimate price. All day long he laid there, the barbed wire ripping the flesh from his body. They waited until he was dead, of course, and then they cut him free.

I prayed a million times in the following years, letting Jesus know how grateful I was to have been born in a “wall-free” country. But now it looks like I made all those childhood prayers for nothing.

Surely there will never be such a wall around America. (After all, no one I know believes that it is a good idea to waste almost a billion dollars on a useless hunk of concrete.)

Anybody out there remember the Great Wall of China?

As a child, I took great comfort from the belief that I lived in a land of mostly decent, sincere, honest and loving humanitarians.

We need to stop right now, before we self-destruct, which is exactly what all of our real enemies are waiting to see.

B.J. Thorpe