Congressman Mike Rogers, I am not one of your supporters. However, you do represent Alabama’s 3rd congressional district, and I am sure you want the best for this part of Alabama (specifically, the southern part of the district) and will support efforts to improve our lives.

Interstate 14 is now just an idea, but it would serve as an important upgrade to the nation’s infrastructure. This motor route would run through parts of Texas, across Louisiana and Mississippi, and then through the middle of Alabama and on through Georgia to Augusta.

In Alabama, it would be an economic boost to our much-neglected Black Belt. It will benefit the southern part of your district. An I-14 would provide a new West-East super-highway and relieve traffic on Interstates 20 and 10. A glance at the map shows it will link major defense installations — Forts Hood, Polk, Benning and Gordon — and others. An I-14 would also provide additional evacuation routes during national emergencies. I hope you will put I-14 on your list of priority projects to support.

I look forward to your thoughts about this and what you will do to obtain congressional support for I-14.

Daniel E. Spector