Sen. Doug Jones gave our state a reasonable choice when he offered for the Senate and was elected by both Republicans and Democrats. Jones apparently cooperates with Sen. Richard Shelby because they generally vote together, but Jones did vote to continue funding Planned Parenthood, which many Alabama citizens will not agree with.

Jones needs to remember he is there for a short term and must stand for re-election in 2020. His performance will not be enhanced by delaying the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh or criticizing President Trump. Trump has a point in that nothing has been done to bring charges for numerous crimes with Hillary Clinton, nor those of James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strozok or other FBI and Justice Department officials who may have conspired against Trump and possibly broke the law. The whole setup and every effort has been to finding a way to get Trump, nothing to trying to get justice for possible crimes by both sides.

When Jones offers for re-election, he will find that he should have been more interested in equal justice for both sides not just totally against Trump. Jones will likely find that Jeff Sessions, Del Marsh, Kay Ivey or John Merrill will oppose him. Guess who will win?

Tom Shelton