Jones Elex Party

Doug Jones won the Alabama senate election Tuesday, defeating Republican candidate Roy Moore to become the first Democratic candidate to win a Senate race since the 1990s. Kirsten Fiscus / The Anniston Star

Doug Jones’ recent victory over Judge Roy Moore can be summed up in one word -- respect. Respect is a law. It says that people naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves. You don’t necessarily have to like a person in order to respect him.

If a person is honest with himself, he’ll weigh the leader’s leadership ability, respect for others, courage, success record, loyalty and value they’ve added to other people way above their political affiliation. Party politics will likely continue in our state, but the bottom line for both sides will be the integrity and character of the men and women seeking election, as it very well should be.

Any of us could have allegations out of the blue made against us, but how we handle those accusations is really important. A leader’s courage, especially under fire, must help him to say and do the right things. Two things are happening here: Not only is the caliber of the leader being challenged, but the caliber of the people who choose to support and follow, as well.

Bob McClain