As U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers goes about his neighborhood, he assiduously avoids neighbors who might ask “inconvenient” questions about what he plans to do to improve our neighborhood, the 3rd Congressional District.

One of his neighbors is Mallory Hagan. She should be able to publicly discuss issues of importance to the neighborhood with Rogers. Thus far, Rogers refuses to do this in a public forum. Should this continue, perhaps the Anniston Star will facilitate a discussion between Hagan and Rogers.

This might be done along with other neighborhood newspapers by presenting questions each week for these two neighbors to discuss in writing. These could be presented early each week, and responses published each Sunday. Early the next week there would be a new question, along with follow-up questions as appropriate. To allow more neighbors to participate, the newspapers could invite questions and comments from the field.

Let’s get on with our neighborhood discussion.

Daniel E. Spector