I have concerns about children who are home-schooled.

In California, officials are starting home visits for home-schooled children to avoid the disaster they incurred with the home-schooled children who were beaten, tortured and abused because no one had verified the parents. This was a travesty that should have never happened.

In regard to children that are home-schooled in Alabama, there needs to be more guidelines. Say, if a child is stopped by law enforcement during school hours somewhere away from a school, all the child would have to do is say he is home-schooled and he could get by without any consequences.

With what is happening in America today, I would expect home-schooling to increase because of parents’ concern for their own children.

I would recommend that home-schooled children be required to wear a lanyard with an ID stating their name, their picture and contact numbers to call for verification. The state should require the children to wear these lanyards anytime Alabama schools are in session.

The state could charge to cover the costs and children’s school verification could be made by home visits, or the children could be taken to a local agencies for questioning and validation, just to make sure everything is legitimate.

Phil Holliday