Re “Corruption cleaners needed in Alabama politics” (Editorial, Jan. 29):

We all know corruption exists in Alabama politics, but what to do? It will take the corrupt to make the changes themselves.

We need campaign reform and term limits. Our legislatures are so entrenched in the pockets of special interests they no longer serve the people.

Take a lottery vote, for example. Nearly all citizens would like to vote on the matter in order to provide funding for schools. Special-interest groups are blocking the proposal and not a single legislator is willing to stick out his or her neck too far, lest they become a single-term wonder. Alabama ranks 44th to 45th in education (in the Program for International Student Assessment). Guess what, we are no longer better than Mississippi.

Funding plans that require an increase in taxes are never passed. Now is time for an education lottery. We are getting ready to elect new leadership for our state. My vote goes to anyone who supports education with money from a lottery.

Henry Polek